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  4. Hi, apparently they are not UKARA but I can purchase RIFs using my UCAP membership - its just some suppliers (especially those abroad) take longer to process orders.
  5. i suspect being 5 years you would need to go through the UKARA process again As far as I'm aware your local game site (UCAP) should register you for UKARA
  6. i think your best bet would be to ring the shop or go in person if you can. I've had my membership expired for around 6 months and whilst I played at the Bunker I renewed both my membership and UKARA.
  7. Please can I book in: peter Clowes + 4 others. All own kit
  8. Hi, I wish to renew my Membership and it's been more than a year, will I keep my old membership number? I am aware that I can renew online via PayPal but proceeding this way, I have no option to enter my existing albeit expired membership number. This is the membership no associated with my UKARA too. When I rang the shop, the polite lady told me that the person dealing with membership is on holiday. Please can anyone give me guidance or help in this situation? It will be much appreciated. Thanks and have a nice day. James
  9. Dominic leigh bradley Evans own kit sat 3 march
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  11. Hi, I have a UKARA membership form stamped by my local game site where I am a member (UCAP) - stamped 18Oct17. However, no retailer has been forthcoming in registering me with the UKARA database (BB guns for less said the database was down?). I know I can purchase RIFs using my UCAP membership number but some sites are a little unsure and only allow for the input of a UKARA number. I have a scanned image of my membership details, the completed UKARA application form and my drivers licence. I can send you the original stamped UKARA form and email a copy of my ID are you able to please add me to the database? Many Thanks
  12. I've just started to play again after a hiatus of about 5 years. Will my old games with First and Only count or will I need to start fresh? I intend to play with you guys at least once a month for the foreseeable anyway, but it would be nice to get some new kit first!
  13. all kit own RAFAL ADAMCZYK J LEPCZAK
  14. Eddie C - Own kif assuming this is for Sat 3 Mar
  15. Game Day Schedule Gates open 8-00am Safety brief 9.30am Games start 10.00am Lunch 12-1pm end day 16.00 or at Dusk, whichever comes first Cost · Walk on – £25 (Silver member £20/Gold member £15) including lunch · Hire – From £15 · Hire Package 1: Gun, Mag full of BB’s, Full face mask, Protective clothing – £15.00 · Hire Package 2: Gun, Mag full of BB’s, Full face mask, Protective clothing, Tactical combat vest, Extra mag, Bottle of 3000 BB’s – £25.00 All hires must book via the online booking System: Pre-Site Rules: FPS limits Measured with 0.20g bbs Under 350fps for AEGS ( no variance) Under 400fps for DMR (60 foot engagement range) Under 500fps sniper rifles (60 foot engagement range) Pyro: we only allow the use of TLSFX pyro that is bought on site or BFG's with 9mm or below. BBs/Ammo: · Plastic BBs only which do not shatter on impact are allowed on our sites. · For Hire Guns, Only bbs sold at our site are allowed in hire guns. Note :Ages 13 and upwards (13 to 16 please ring for advice regarding parental consent and adult supervision.) Facilities: Parking, Food and refreshments First and only Retail Mobile shop (Gold and Silver 5% Discount applies) Contact the shop at or 07763125315 if you wish the shop to bring anything specific.
  16. Can I book in 5 all own kit Neil Batty Ryan Batty Keeron Batty Brandon Declan
  17. Can i book in 2 (both own kit) Thomas wright Terry dulson
  18. Can i book in the following, All own kit: Paul Watt Alex Brooks Craig Smith Scott Felsted
  19. So a battlesim, unlike a regular skirmish day, is a non-stop themed day. Which basically means you get a proposed plan of the day for just your team and you have to complete as many objectives as possible. There is a normal lunch break and you have it while on the field (so some lucky bugger could actually shoot the crisp right out of you hand). This battlesim is themed on the 1984 movie, Red Dawn and therefore, follow that story line (not too much though, like we have helicopters just lying about!). If you have anymore questions, I would recommend checking the facebook page.
  20. what goes on at a battlesim? I've been to normal open days before, What's the difference?
  21. :ph34r: You got out for sale radios ,rif , gear let us known monkeyboy


  22. All own kit Jaroslaw Lepczak Rafal Adamczyk
  23. afternoon all just making myself known and saying hi, Mark, looking into starting airsoft with my son Connah, looks like a blast. based in Oldham so looks like there a few we could get to. Thanks anyway
  24. Lewis McCauley Kieran Ward Daniel Atherton All own kit
  25. Hi F&O Team Please can I book on Steve Head and myself (Stephen Clift) onto this game. both own gunners paying full price. Many thanks Stephen
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