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  2. Hello Folks, Just paid up for my first go at airsoft. Going to the CQB Mill in Wigan on Satuday 28th December, 3pm slot. See you there.
  3. Apologies, but I've no idea where else to post this on the forum so I hope this is the most appropriate section. I've found myself in a situation where I need to sell almost all of my possessions, airsoft gear included. (In the end I'll be left with about 8-10 boxes that are going to my sisters.) I've got 3 AEG's, 2 gas pistols, a shotgun and a spring sniper, as well as an impact grenade and other bits and bobs. Where is the best place for me to move these on? Ideally I could do with it all going as a job lot before the end of July this year. Happy to list all the gear and manufacturers if this is acceptable on this forum. Thanks in advance, Rick.
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