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    Please can I book in: peter Clowes + 4 others. All own kit
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    Should be able to make it down for this one. Got a few repairs to make, but should have my own kit ready
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    I was thinking the other day about a possibility of a new site for first and only. Camelot theme park!! It has been abandoned for years on years and I haven't heard of anyone doing anything with it or any planning permissions going ahead. Based in Chorley it is just off the Charnock Richard services on the M6 so is really easy to get too. I don't know how easy or how difficult it would be to make this a reality but it would be a pretty awesome site. I'm sure there is someone in the forum that could look into this. Hopefully people see where I am coming from on this one. thoughts?
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    Hi guys . Noobie from Derbyshire going to the bunker sunday. Hopefully see some of yall there
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    all the details will be up soon guys
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    https://firstandonlyevents.co.uk/missions/open-day-856/ Game Day Schedule Gates open 8-00am Safety brief 9.30am Games start 10.00am Lunch 12-1pm end day 16.00 or at Dusk, whichever comes first Cost · Walk on – £25 (Silver member £20/Gold member £15) including lunch · Hire – From £15 · Hire Package 1: Gun, Mag full of BB’s, Full face mask, Protective clothing – £15.00 · Hire Package 2: Gun, Mag full of BB’s, Full face mask, Protective clothing, Tactical combat vest, Extra mag, Bottle of 3000 BB’s – £25.00 All hires must book via the online booking System: Pre-Site Rules: FPS limits Measured with 0.20g bbs Under 350fps for AEGS ( no variance) Under 400fps for DMR (60 foot engagement range) Under 500fps sniper rifles (60 foot engagement range) Pyro: we only allow the use of TLSFX pyro that is bought on site or BFG's with 9mm or below. BBs/Ammo: · Plastic BBs only which do not shatter on impact are allowed on our sites. · For Hire Guns, Only bbs sold at our site are allowed in hire guns. Note :Ages 13 and upwards (13 to 16 please ring for advice regarding parental consent and adult supervision.) Facilities: Charging Facilties, Parking, Food and refreshments First and only Retail Mobile shop (Gold and Silver 5% Discount applies) Contact the shop at [email protected] or 07763125315 if you wish the shop to bring anything specific.
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    Hi, just joined as it'll be my first time at an F&O site this weekend. Been playing for a few years now, mainly at The Mall or Ironsight. Looking forward to playing at The Base on Sunday!
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    Im 54 and I only started last year. I have arthritis in both hips and knees but i still play HARD!! Love it