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    Not true. By just having a site membership isn't enough for a retailer to sell you a RIF The easiest way to purchase a RIF (besides being gifted one) is to get UKARA by registering at a site and playing 3 games within a 2 month period. After your 3 games and the 2 months you can register for UKARA with the skirmish site For example i played 3-4 games at the Hive during the midweek evening games (i already had the bronze membership) then printed out the UKARA paperwork and handed it to them after the 2months ( you can go into the FAO shop and hand this in as well ). Few weeks later I got an email saying that I was registered. If you don't just ring up the shop to verify There are other ways to purchase a RIF like using it for reenactment or filming but you will need valid evidence for this. Majority of airsofters go through the UKARA process Oh yea you have to be 18+ as well