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  1. Which game were you at dunk? I didn't get executed I was there till the end! Hiding in the toilet like but I was there:-) Cheers Bibby
  2. cheers to everyone for another great corp wars. and a massive thank you to my mercs you did me proud yet again!!!! and yet again my prophecy came true :-) i told my guys at the very beginning of the game that the last hour would be us in our base holding all the gold while everyone else teams up against us. for some reason every game ends up that way i saw some great play from a lot of people during the day and some great sneaky kills. so that is a so long from the mercs we won't be in the last game as we have now got enough gold to buy our own island in the Caribbean and sit on the beach in thongs and bling cheers again guys and thanks for all the gold Bibby
  3. a great day today guys with some awesome firefights especially in the 3 team game in the afternoon, what did you guys think? Cheers Bibby
  4. a great day guys the weather was pretty shit in the morning but everyone still seemed to be having a good time. what did you guys think?
  5. Great day in the snow today guys what did you guys think? Pics available here Cheers Bibby
  6. everything used will need to be sub 350
  7. i will need a deposit from you rogue to confirm your place cheers Bibby
  8. tayste has just given me a great idea on how to built a flamethrower, i think it will have to be done!!!!
  9. only 2 spaces left 1- island survivors 1-CRBN
  10. lol
  11. bagsy hank :-)