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  1. YAY photos with me in them! only a couple and from miles away...... but there are photos of me!! For some reason I manage to avoid ther camera users virtually every time I got skirmishing. The only ones I ever get are before the games start.
  2. Yeah I'm pretty sure that I was in at least 2 photos, And I always have fun lookign through the lot anyway. There were a lot of head cams about as well which was something I wasn't expecting so hopefully we'll get a look at some of those (in addition to Roosters excellent vid of course).
  3. You completely missed my charge down the middle!!!! Sigh, even when a camera is right next to me it seems that I'm destined not to be on film.
  4. myself and Dan are interested as well. We've been looking at train times so far and it looks like 2 changes on the way down....ouch.