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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and had a great game. The first game of the afternoon when we had to catch the ammo cans could have done with a little more explanation as we were not sure what to do with the cans when we had them, but other than that it was all good fun
  2. No idea as of yet, there's alot of planning and various factors that we need to go over.
  3. Hi matey and welcome. Just as an introduction, the Firefly games are very heavy on story and role play, there's not much shooting involved in the games at all, its not just a case of dressing up as your chosen faction and then having a skirmish. During the first game I didn't have to reload either my shotgun or pistol once. The second game was different but this was due to some rouge players not buying into the role play side of it and it completely spoiled the last half of the game to be honest. The next event has a tentative date of late July / early August depending on other commitments of the crew and staff. Price will be announced with a confirmed date.
  4. Lol, I have three of those shotguns (one 8mm version) that are gas tight and as Honest Pete will testify it packs a punch The China gas shotguns are amazing if you put the work in. If not expect to loose power and run out of gas at totally inopportune moments. As for dates, end of July / beginning of August looks most likely, but dont take that as concrete, I'm just giving people on idea of a rough time frame.
  5. Hey fellas, The relevant people are currently considering the best location / story line for a FF game, but actual dates could be a while yet.
  6. Next game will be a while off yet guys just while we get all the feedback on board, think over the next story and then find a date that's suitable for everyone that needs to be involved. Just keep tabs on the Z-Day Zombie Apocalypse thread and you wont miss it
  7. Great footage from both of you guys The zombie cam footage was ace. Hearing that guys pistol vent just as the zombies were surrounding him was topped only by his mates brave run to try and save him seconds later, which sadly ended in death for both involved. Thanks for all the feedback guys, keep it coming as its all valid and we take it all on board.
  8. First of just want to say well played to everyone for a great days play and a big thanks to all the zombies. Post your feedback here and let us know what you thought.
  9. Indeed mate, shotguns and gas pistols are the way to go However the guy asking about using an AEP might only have that gun available to him and don't want to exclude people based on that. As said, AEP's I'm fine with as long as the FPS is within limits and it is Semi fire only.
  10. Sorry mate there's too much black in that load out, the military team will be in blalck trousers and tops, you could easily get mistaken for military. You don't have to wear a suit. If you could pick up a lab coat you could wear that over your gear. As the white will immediately make you recognisable as Globex. Given the nature of the game planned its important that people are distinctly recognisable. I'm ok with you using the FPG as long as its within the usual rules (FPS limits and semi auto). Saying that, if you wear your suit and have an FPG it'll look ace
  11. If you want to use an AEP you can, but rules still stand on semi fire only.
  12. Yes, these are rules and always have been, but we've had incidents of this not being observed in the past. So just spelling it out here and I'll say it again : Anyone seen to be purposefully head shotting zombies will be removed from the game.
  13. Some of the zombies have asked that I stipulate that head shots are not allowed. Please remember that the zombies are actually people and a shot anywhere will take them down. We know that accidents will happen, but please be careful. Anyone seen to be purposefully head shotting zombies will be removed from the game.
  14. Everyone will start with their own guns. We know how precious people are about their gear and we wouldn't ask them to be parted from them
  15. Just a post for people who might be wondering about what weapon to bring along to this game. What you have to consider is that your team leader will be in charge of sharing out any ammo your team has. So if you bring a pistol, you may get 10 BB's for your gun, giving you ten shots. If you bring a Tri-Shot shotgun, you might also get 10 BB's, with will only give you 3 / 4 shots. Just food for thought for all of you guys