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  1. Ahhh cool mate, i asked around at the end of the day and no-one said anything. I shall PM Jamie now. Cheers bud. It was actually thrown from inside the building from the room next to the pubs bar, although it landed by alot of windows. Was it completely red? Red body, red top?
  2. Hi gents. Good game at Anzio today, im appealing for anyone who might of seen somebody pick up my BFG in the Pub in the last game today. Its clearly been picked up by someone as i had it in plain sight before i was hit. When i returned to where it was it had been picked up by another player. I'd like to think someone has forgotten to hand it in, but either way if anyone saw somebody pick up a red BFG (all red with a red cap) in the last game in the tiled room of the Pub please tell a marshall or PM me There will be a little cash reward if it leads to it being found. I believe someone has also had a GR20 grenade 'picked up' by someone, so if anyone saw anything about that, again let the marshalls know. Cheers fellas.
  3. I'm booking in for my glorious return to airsoft! It will hopefully (provisionally atm) Me, Toby Plant, Tom Sillitoe and Stu Kelly for the Mercs, we still have our bling, calling cards and cash from the last game
  4. Probably would work well if the killed black ops members reverted to the 'terrorists' for another life. I suppose terrorists have some respawns enabled to keep numbers up