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  1. Hi, apparently they are not UKARA but I can purchase RIFs using my UCAP membership - its just some suppliers (especially those abroad) take longer to process orders.
  2. Hi, I have a UKARA membership form stamped by my local game site where I am a member (UCAP) - stamped 18Oct17. However, no retailer has been forthcoming in registering me with the UKARA database (BB guns for less said the database was down?). I know I can purchase RIFs using my UCAP membership number but some sites are a little unsure and only allow for the input of a UKARA number. I have a scanned image of my membership details, the completed UKARA application form and my drivers licence. I can send you the original stamped UKARA form and email a copy of my ID are you able to please add me to the database? Many Thanks