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  1. Just upgraded to Silver as mentioned on Sat, Rob: Sat 5th FAO02964 Garrick Middleton cheers ears!
  2. Afternoon all, So after playing COD etc for years and more recently PUBG, a few of us thought 'why not try airsoft and have a bash.' Little did we know that one of the UK's best regarded sites was 2mins from where we live! Always known of the base there but didn't know we could kit-up and run around it like Jason Bourne, (or more like Private Pyle, to be fair). Anyway, I'm first to book and jump in - heading up this Sat 10th March on-me-tod, as it's still bit too chilly for me mates, p*****s. Renting gear, but fully researched on airsoft goings-about, and especially etiquette - so really looking forward to it. Hoping to meet lots of nice folk ... who I can then chase and pretend to kill! Pretend - honestly! All in good fun. Any other Leek folk on here? Cheers KF