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  1. Part 3 of 3. (& yes it should all be the 15th)
  2. Second Movie - WristCam. Didn't work that well to be honest. Need to re-think this one through. 3rd movie may be a few days....
  3. As always really enjoyed the day - here is the first of 3 Clips from the Day. This is from a Head-Mount Cam on Gabe. First time at recording & editing so hopefully it will get better over time. Enjoy Damo (Hitman)
  4. Hopefully, not extending this, what can be seen as, a pointless issue. I was in the queue behind the gentleman & at no time was the marshall taking the money for bookings curt, dismissive or intransigent. He politely explained the position for gaining the gold member discount and was happy to refund moneys paid for providing a valid membership card, either at the time or later in the day. This was a fair challenge as the player was not a regular to Anzio and there was no way to tell whether he held membership at any F&O site. For some reason this was not acceptable to the player and he decided not to pay the additional £10 Green Fee and leave the site - which a few of us in the queue found odd and quite an over-reaction. Hope this matter comes to an end - especially within this topic & if needed it is taken off-line. Back on topic - Feedback for the day - excellent as always. No issues with player conduct and the games ran very well, although as a yellow I think we lost most of the objectives. Some great skirmishes all over the site. Must apologise to the girl on Reds who I shot quite a number of times - but have to admit the screaming did make me laugh every time. (N.B. - I am one of the two 'Suits').
  5. Guys, This is a short video from 18Mar2012. Its my first time using iMovie & to be honest I'm not a movie editor so its very basic. The film is also shaky and low quality as its done on a very cheap cam. I have lots more footage - but the link below has some nice action. (It also shows why I should wear a face mask - so I don't get my nose blasted each time). Enjoy
  6. A few of the zombies are turning up just for the evening event. Between 4pm an 5pm. Will there be somewhere for the zombies to get into their gear away from the survivors so we can get into character? So our zombiness can be a 'pant soiling' surprise for them.
  7. Damian Allen - Zombie Gabriel Allen = Zombie
  8. Great Day. With the reduced amount of people it gave the opportunity to get some really sneaky play in & ambush a number of hostiles - great fun. Pistol Vs AEG - still a classic... I think all games worked well, apart from the 4 accomodation block attack and defend. 30 mins to take 4 blocks was just too much. Either an extension of the allotted time or a reduction in the number of blocks to take would make it more achieveable and fun. (my 2pence worth.......)