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  1. Heya harry, I had a brilliant time playing last night thanks everyone.
  2. Awesome I'll be at the next Bolton and also there is one last night of the hive next wednesday chap
  3. Welcome chap have a jolly good time at the hive.
  4. Hiya Gray, welcome to First and Only (F&O). Sadly we only have a couple more games at the Hive before we lose the site, however there are plenty of other sites within spitting distance, like Bolton woods, or Anzio near Leek. You can use a two tone gun, as long as it's within the FPS limits (how powerful it shoots), which is 328 with an allowance for variance up to 350 for AEGs (Assault rifles), 500 fps for sniper rifles (60ft minimum engagement distance).
  5. Ahhh I was at the hive on Sunday, dang. As for gear, it depends what you want and how much you are willing to spend. Personally I spend stupid amounts on gear, unnecessarily so, because I want what the best use (You could say it's to drag up my game ), however if you let us know what you are looking for and we can point you in a decent direction. First and Only also have a retail shop between Swinton and the East Lancs, the shop has quite a bit of kit and some of it is on the website -
  6. 1. Where do I begin? - Turn up to one of the sites and get a hire package 2. I have no budget, what gear should I pick up first? - Clothes, get some camo pants and top that fit you and are comfy. I'd suggest getting some army surplus pants and then an under body armour combat shirt (UBACS). UBACs are generally more comfy than the full camo shirts and they wick sweat so pretty nice. 3. Does anyone live locally who could potentially give me an in person breakdown? - Yeah I'm over in Walkden so not too far away, where abouts in Salford are you?
  7. Awesome, welcome to the sport sir, I'm sure you will have a fantastic time on Saturday. Enjoy Matt
  8. Welcome back chap
  9. If I were you and concerned about it, call up the company and tell them that you only want it if it's going to always fire under 350 explain that the sites you are going to have an absolute hard limit of 350 and you'd rather not risk it.
  10. Hiya mate, as far as I'm aware the fps limit at our sites is 328 fps, however we allow up to 350 fps for variance. So if the GR15 raider doesn't shoot over 350 FPS you will be alright.
  11. Awesome welcome to the forums, F&O and Bolton mate. Generally teams are 50/50 split with coloured arm bands (sometimes fancy elastic or like a bit electrical tape), sometimes however the games may be a Khe Sanh game (escalating engagement) where the defenders will be numerically superior to the attacks however as the defenders are eliminated they will join the attackers. It's a nice way to mix it up and not just be a fair fight. There will be plenty of nice guys up in Bolton that will be more than welcoming (it's called the northern charm ), so I hope you have a good day chap.
  12. I agree with Dan Frear however if you choose to obtain your ukara (play at least three times in a period over two months) before you buy an airsoft weapon then you are able to buy a black RIF which a majority of people have as a bright green gun can be abit of a give away and easy to see. As for RIFs you may want to look at JG G36s they are dirt cheap for what they are and are around the £100 mark, if your really looking you can probably find a used one with all batteries and possibly a few mags for that. They last ages assuming you don't mess with it. They will not have the range as more expensive guns but then it makes you super tactical and run faster
  13. I'm going to take an educated guess and assuming by shoe lace he meant proof of age
  14. Another really good day I had great fun again thanks to everyone and if anyone found a regetta jacket hung up on a tree in the village and have got it by mistake can you get in touch please before I start hunting down the local thieving quad riding scumbag who I believe might have taken it......It is a grey/dark blueish colour with loads of little burnholes in and a pocket full of blanks
  15. I have just started again what armies do you have? Im Tau/Imperial Guard
  16. Time to come up with comical meanings for CRBN - Comedy Brigade of the Royal Navy anyone?
  17. My spidey senses suggest its bolton
  18. Nice chap will be good and there is no such thing as just trying it out You shall become addicted then spend all your monies on guns, See you on the 25th Chap
  19. Hi chap the specter is the modular weapons system, the bits are sold separately Martin has a few of the specter bits so tell him which lower receiver you want as they are interchangeable
  20. Bibby can you book me and barmy onto the crbn team paying out deposits now
  21. Both are good fun just boots are a necessity at bolton
  22. Nicee well Ill be there on the 21st definately me thinks and I should be at the Bolton game as well
  23. Probably the closest site is Anzio near Leek in Staffordshire, other F&O site is Bolton woods on the other site of Manchester.
  24. I had a great day was good fun in the defence of nigel where I got 4 Knife kills