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  1. Another to add to the growing numbers- John Silk, own kit
  2. One to add to my party, Simon Beech (own kit)
  3. Three to book in, all own kit: Phil Whitehead Charlie Whitehead Curtis Dixon
  4. Two to book (own kit) Phil Whitehead Curtis Dixon
  5. One more to add to my party: Curtis Dixon (own kit also)
  6. Carl, please book in for the last waltz (all own kit): Phil Whitehead Charlie Whitehead
  7. I can recall seeing one that Carl had done. I foolishly didn't save it for others reference! Try emailing Carl at F&O direct
  8. Book me in please Karl, own kit Phil Whitehead
  9. Another to add- Charlie Whitehead - own kit
  10. I'll be there! Finally a Saturday that's fits in with everything else ) Phil Whitehead (own kit)
  11. Dear all, the feedback posts seems to have dwindled away, which I think is sad as its a great way to share those special moments from the day's play. Several people video some of the action so please feel free to share a link of here. Some great play on the day and one to prove that many folk hiring (and possibly new to Airsoft) helped to make a good day. Little issues on the day and some great team work with the yellows thrashing us reds in the first game and then a bit of pay back thereafter! I particularly enjoyed the humor when a yellow player inadvertently 'healed' me back into play in amongst a group his team. I managed to knife 3 before somone shot me :-D The yellow player who realised the mistake and tried to stop his teammate with the slow motion 'noooo' was just a tad too late! All in all a great day and can't wait for the next.
  12. Count me in! (Just myself for now but the clan is surely to follow after I've tried it out )
  13. Brilliant that you've been able to get this site again! Book myself Phil Whitehead (to play) and Charlie Whitehead- both own kit. Possible one more to attend (own kit) will confirm if he can make it or not.
  14. Andy, thank you for the write up. I sadly couldn't make it (very last minute, my sons fault!) so good to hear its worth making the effort to get there. Will hopefully be able to make it soon. Phil
  15. For those non Facebookers, it would be great if those who played at the new site could share their thoughts about the site and how the day went please. It would be useful for not only myself (as I'm booked to go soon) but I'm sure also for others- some of which might be travelling a good distance to get there. Thanks, Phil.