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  1. Yes.
  2. Hi Tom, welcome to airsoft and to F&O. Sorry that no-one has replied to you sooner. First off, no-one is going to bully the new guy/young guy, in fact you'll find far more people willing to give help and advice than anything else. The marshals (guys in hi-viz) are there to see that everyone has a good day, so just see one of them if there's anything you need help with. The hire kit is good and reliable, again the marshals will help if anything goes wrong. A lot of folk turn up on their own, you'll be split into teams early in the day, so you'll soon find people to work with. Bear in mind that at 16, you'll need a parent or guardian to be on-site throughout the day, but they don't have to pay or play (but a lot of dads have got into airsoft that way...) Wear boots if you can, listen carefully to the safety brief and game instructions, get stuck in and you'll be just fine. Enjoy!
  3. There are two sites currently available in Kidderminster, Jim; The Asylum, which is a mixture of indoor CQB, urban and woodland areas, and the outpost, which is comprised of a VERY large tunnel complex. Both will most likely offer a different experience to your MilSim game, which is one of the great things about airsoft: every site is unique. Try them both and if you can travel further afield, try The Jungle (Leamington Spa) and The Towers (Leicester) too - both very different experiences again. Have fun!
  4. Eye/face protection is largely a matter of choice. Mesh doesn't fog, but it does slightly reduce the light reaching your eyes and so make fine detail indistinct. Main thing is proper ballistic impact rating. Full face protection is strongly recommended. You can USE any airsoft weapon you like, so site hire guns, lends from mates are all good, subject to site FPS limits. What you can't do without a valid defense is buy, sell or manufacturer a realistic looking one.
  5. Any idea where you last used it chap? We can have a look round before the next shoot if it hasn't been handed in.
  6. No, if it is downgraded to below the site limit, then you can use it. If it is over the site limit then you can't. It's what the site chrono says that matters, not what fps the advert or retailer says it is.
  7. The simple but sad fact is that, unless the individual gun has actually been tested by the retailer, there is no way of knowing exactly what the muzzle velocity will be. Even then, chronos vary, which is why most sensible players will aim for a fair bit lower than their regular site's upper limit. Range is not all about power! Having a gun downgraded is not expensive, a simple spring change is usually all that is needed. Alternatively, buy from somewhere that will ensure the gun is under the limit before shipping it to you. Personally, I'd go for 320 fps max.
  8. Deleted, as reply meanwhile by Jamie.
  9. Try:
  10. Asylum now running on the 7th
  11. Good to go then; get yourself booked in!
  12. Hi and welcome to F&O! Your 2-tones are fine at all F&O sites. You can use any gas you like so long as the weapon chronos under the limit. It's unlikely that the glock will be over on green gas. All guns are chronoed before the day starts, and you do need to book in to play. Feel free to ask any questions you like on the forum or on the site while playing. See you at The Towers! edited to correct autocorrect!
  13. Game lengths vary. We do some that last for 20 minutes (hostage rescue type) and others that can be up to 2 hours (multi-objective type). The site is big for an indoor venue, but you'll never be more than a couple of minutes amble from a respawn, provided you don't get lost. Noting this is your first post, welcome to F&O!
  14. Cap is 60. I don't have access to the list, but use the booking system linked above. If it's full, it won't let you book.
  15. Let the site manager know that you may need to use the inhalers and have them somewhere easy to find (e.g. top right pocket of your jacket) just in case you need help. If you are using a full-face mask, do not remove it in-game, call for a marshall, or get someone else to do so, there will be at least one nearby who will get you to a safe place to use the inhaler. It's all about protecting your eyesight. You might find that some of the grenades can be a bit noxious. As general advice wear boots that provide some level of ankle protection and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty or damaged. Above all, have fun!