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  1. Was a very enjoyable day, good atmosphere with nice people.. great for me n the missus to get back into Airsoft after a 5 year lazy break . Really good to go to a friendly well run site. Thanks to Bongo for the warm welcome and the handy hints throughout the day.... and for the loan of the battery ! For the first part of the day i had my GoPro on my rifle. As i went dual pistol for the second half. Here are the edited vids for your amusment / ridicule Its my first attempt @ using a GoPro camera AND uploading/editing to youtube. And yes winding mags on a rifle with a cam looks proper dodgy !!! If anyone wants a section/clip of them removing let me know and i'll do my best to edit them out
  2. lol, thanks !
  3. Hi All, Been out of Airsoft for 5 years or so !! The time has come to have another go at exercise..... Used to play at a site in Stoke, but after it closed down kinda lost touch... We're in Crewe so looking to play all over Cheshire. Just booked me n the missus in on the open day @ The Armoury Wish us luck !! Cheers