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  1. Dazza Toby M Fabio Vin
  2. Enjoy yourselves?
  3. yeah, me n Athers were the ones you tried to surrender, didn't hear you coming. fair play for trying the surrender, always gives me a rush to make the decision to accept or fight back.... fight back
  4. had an amazing time at the Hive last night. really good spirit from all players. especially loved the pistol vs aeg game. i flanked round behind the aeg's and did a bit of knifey knifey, harrison coming up behind me saying, leave me one, i want to shoot him with my derringer. lol loved the 1 v 1 against an aeg'er each of us at opposite ends of a partition dodging fire, reminded me of naked gun where they are behind dustbins and they run out of ammo and end up throwing pistols at each other.
  5. they will be uploaded soon and links are usually put on facebook aswell as here! but please be patient, most people get home sunday after airsoft and collapse on the softa/bed
  6. could you pm your details to me please, full name, post code, membership number. and ill look into it for ya!
  7. Vin and Athers, own kit
  8. Hi pal could you pm me ur name and F&O number please?
  9. Hey Rich, Thanks for raising the problem, Ive sorted it for you so you should be able to purchase using your ukara. your new card and badge has to be collected from your local site. however, Ive pushed your membership a little longer....incase you want to buy something for Christmas hope this fixes things for ya.
  10. sorry i couldn't come, woke up with my legs falling off after anzio lol and i had done up my baby m4 ready for it to rock.
  11. cheers for the feedback Guy. we will try to resolve the matter and see if we can improve upon the system. regards, Vin
  12. all your doing is getting your ukara completed and buying from the shop strait afterwards. just make sure you bring all your documentation and ID to avoid a disappointment.
  13. yep. details below