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  1. 2nd what dave said
  2. Had a good day even though spent half of it with the film crew. The yellows were out classed i feel.compared to the red while in the game of defending d2 and d3. Within prob 10 mins or so d2 was getting over run. Was in one of the upstairs room with 2 of my guys told one to guard a door. He did for 1 min as he walk back in to the room hutman followed him and all.out lol his has some serious mad skills that guy. Only issue i had was 3 what i refered to as kids. They may have been older but buy did they act like 5 year olds. Walked past them as falling back to d5 after being hit and of a " haa haa youve been hitt " and continued taunting like 5 year olds as i walked away. Think they did to realise that this is a high octane game and sometimes spirits can flair up. It would only take summat to be said like this to someone having a bad game who looses there temper and we have a fight on our hands. Im not going to point the 3 out on here as they will no who they are. Just bare this in minds as i wouldnt want anyone getting there heads stoved in over a gsme guys. Anyway other than thst all good. Cheers to jamie and the gang for continuing to give us good days like ths
  3. Welcome fella Boltons a good site. Thats were i had my first f&o game when i started years back and never looked back since
  4. Looks amazing! Can see massive weekender games going on here
  5. Welcome fella! Hope you enjoy ya self
  6. My day was going great until i did my best superman impression haha Was inbetween d4 and the magizine hold up behind the big tree there causing trouble lol alot of yellows were moving in so decided to.make a not so tactical withdrawal. Start sprinting back towards the magizine were my i had other reds. Lots my footing in full sprint and decide to fly with out my cape. Smashed my knee in and shoulder. Got some wiplash and a bruise hand. Knee i currently the size of a small football lol thank you to the marshall that came running over to help me. Didnt get his name as was in abit of a daze. There was some good play from both sides and some good teamwork from both sides. Marshalls were as good as ever but obviously cant be in everyplace at once. Witnessed alot of non hit taking and walking/talking dead which when a marshal was about was dealt with. What i did was more important than non hit takers were ppl using the perimeter of the safe zone/ stores to more round on you which is a no no i couldnt fire at them coz i would be firing into the safe zone but they were happyliy lacing me in the chest on full auto. This was reported and dealt with. As harrison said gas was king yesterday my pistol rocked and even ran 2 pistols at one point which i emptied into a group of yellows next to the car park lol Cant wait for next time !
  7. Hey mark Welcome fella. IF you fancy a trip out anzio is always a good day to Tips come join in and shoot stuff best to i can offer lol
  8. Welcome to f&o fella!
  9. mmmmmm bacon butties!! Cheers fella thanks for the response
  10. Cheers for the fast response matey. Upto now i have a confirmed 4 but could be upto another 3 so 7 in total. Also the BBQ is it included in the cost or is this chargeable fella?
  11. Did make me chuckle loki. You just need to fire disapline man lol that or a big a$$ day sack and dump pouch lol
  12. Hey guys Looking at booking in my team for this event. Couple of questions some may seem dumb so bare with me Alot of us were USMC marpat and are all running M4s. Should we still sign up for Russkis or will we be ok for US forces ? What are the camping arrangments? is it like Anzio were we can stay in cars or will there be areas for tents or are staying in buildings ? are the any restrictions on using camping stoves for cooking ? ( just thinking re fire / health and safety regs ) Are the normal f&o shop facilities going to be on site for ammo, pyro etc ? Will there be any battery charging facilities? Im sure i will think of more lol
  13. Dont worry bout it fella it happens when in a heated situation. I couldnt see your mates colour but knew there were reds in there. Lets face it if were bothered bout being shot we wouldnt airsoft haha Its the shock of it at the time more than the pain lol
  14. That some one else was me haha
  15. Had a great time as ever. Only saw the odd issue which was dealt with. My bug bare was ppl not taking pyro hits. Spent like 20 quid on pyro Thanks to the guy on yellow who due to us not seeing each others colour had blue on blue. That double tap to the face means im sporting a rather nice war wound haha 2 highlights for me was when the reds charged d3 from the embankment and a combo of good shooting from us and a well place pea bomb from me showed them who was boss. The other was when i was running round last game with my px4. Was upstairs in d1 stopping a flanking attack towards d2 when i started firing at reds. A guy with an m4 rocked up next to me and laughed at me say " you will never hit anything with that ". Took his words back when i was out ranging his m4 and hitting red haha. Never under estimate the power of a good pistol.
  16. the good thing about F&o mate is that even though you maybe a noob they dont make you feel like one. If you in bolton then get down to the shop in the evening on the open nights. they will give youloads of info and maybe even let you have a shoot.
  17. Hey fella Welcome Both sites are great sites there my regular sites that i use. What i would do matey before jumping in looking for teams is get down and play a few games get chatting to peeps and take it from there. Same goes for buying guns and equipment. You will need a UKARA to be able to purchase a gun unless you want half of it in a bright colour. Theres a wealth of info on here about the UKARA and about the sites have a good read.
  18. haha well thats not for me to decide as i dont kinda swing that way lol but if you wanna the place is yours haha Need to make this so now and get a group pic for the site haha
  19. Bongo as murdock Jamie as Hanibal Smith mmmmmm not sure if theres any looking ppl to play face haha
  20. Can we mount a m249 / m240b or mini gun in the back doors?? haha Or make one into an A team van lol
  21. Alreet fella welcome to F&O the only place to play!
  22. Satdi for me was a great day had a lot of fun and met some great guys which is a big part of it for me. First game went a bit slowly for me but thats why its a warm up game I suppose lol Had some stirling moments. 1 was a 4 man pyro kill in the pub. A couple of red were trying to flush out 4 yellows from the back corridor in the pub but with not much joy. I rocked up saying " look this is how you do it " popped a flash bang in there and walked off lol boom! 4 dead yellows 2 was being tucked in the top floor cormer ov d5 looking over the carpark to the embankment and towards the building across the road. I sat in the corner of the window picking off yellows like it was a turkey shoot. Well this was when they took there hits but hey thats another story. 3 my 1 man pistol charge across the bottom carpark in the last game managed to take out 3 aegs before 1 took me out I trust the marshalling at f&o the firm and fair. Any issues they saw were dealt with immediately. I personally witnessed them dealing with several issues from blind fire, to not hit takers and full auto in buildings swiftley. You have to remember there are a lot af marshalls but there we a lot of us and they can't cover every single area were fighting is goin on. I did see a lot of reds in regen chatting but you will find this does happen for a few reasons. They may be waiting for the rest of there team to come back or they may be bombing up before going back etc I did see a lot of none hit taking mainly from the yellows tbh. I have magnified acog and was watching my round bouch off people and they carried on to the point were I had to give a few blasts with auto and just like robocop carried on. I even hit someone square in the face as he popped his head out a window and I watched the double tap bouch off his goggles. At the end of the day these people will come a cropper. I wouldve reported but couldnt see a marshal at that point so just carried on regardless. I must say there was a serious amount a spray and prat going on. I bet the f&o shop made a fortune on ammo sales haha I much prefered the semi games tbh All in to me a great day . I will as ever always come back for more coz f&o always deliver a decent day for me Mcnab out!
  23. Welcome to the family fella! Anzio is awesome mate and would be a great place for you first game as Buddy has said. You will not regret it
  24. Hey all! Just got back in now and soaking in the bath pmsl Been a great day today. The games flowed pretty well the 1 or 2 minor issues but this is to be expected when there are alot of newer players. Loving the ww2 guys so much so im even putting down on my list of things to buy a ww2 loadout lol Few highlights of the day for me were the ninja ak guy. (Sorry mate cant remember your name) amazing game play and some wicked diving over tree moves lol. Also heres me sneaky beaky move around when really close to me i can hear a " pop click click pop click click pop " i cant put in to words the sounds lol look around thinkin wtf is that. Only to see some slight movement to my left ajd theres harrison all ghillied up. Scared the hell outta me lol A personal highlight was getting to lay the smack down with my new ak! Dont think i have ever had so many kills in 1 day lol and cheers to acujon for coming to my rescue when my ak mag jammed. Offerdd covering fire and a magic screw driver to sorted out a split bb in my mag. As ever a great game with great staff and banter
  25. Nice pics guys!