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  1. Er, Me minton and another chap managed to go straight past the orange spawn from green and take maples by ourselves, including repelling a counterattack from orange team. Admitedly, some situations are difficult but with teamwork it is possible, last time we had people saying it was too hard to get out of the garden shed area, this time the blue team were always out and never locked in regen. Its all down to working together and comunicating well. Cheers John
  2. I'll be down to marshall If i can find transport boss, havent got the fuel to do the round trip at the moment. Cheers John
  3. I didnt have any issues, good day. It was fun to get out in the morning for a bit of shooting too, especially hiding in the timekeepers office and being a pain in the ass. Cheers John
  4. Cant say I saw any issues all day to be honest, apart from a few people calling hit a bit quietly. The games I played were great fun, especially running around the bunker quietly in the dark with the socom, gotta love the sneaky sneaky. Good food aswell, Makes a nice change from the usual burger. Oh and fair play to the chap that got an epic knife kill on me and another player, Id snuck through the subcommisioners office with a few following me to find what looked like the entire enemy team so i put a few rounds out with the socom, looked up and someone dived out of the darkness opposite and killed both of us, Scared the bejebus out of me. Cheers John
  5. Having only done the afternoon games I cant speak about the morning but I still had a good day out, thanks to bazil for lending me his sniper rifle, even on a windy day and me not firing a shot in anger through a bolt action for 5 years i still managed a few kills, I might have to save up for a proper sniper rifle sometime soon. Cheers John
  6. I believe there are more random videos of minton on youtube for anyone brave enough to look... I did once, never again. Cheers John
  7. can you book me in please felix Cheers John
  8. great day, not only was it awesome to be skirmishing again, skirmishing in woodland with some of the faces that were around when i first got into airsoft 5 years ago was fantastic. Absolutley no issues, everyone followed the rules to the t which made the day so much less stressful for me let alone gaz and his marshalls. Thanks again gaz + marshalls, was the best skirmish ive had in ages Cheers John
  9. my first game of the year and it certainly was an intense one. Loved it. 3 knife kills from either lucking in the dark or people looking the wrong way, a hilariously funny self grenading by SZS in the ladies dorms as we were trying to get in, and some amazing fun popping silent shots out through a murder hole near the cages opposite the kitchen, think i took 2 out and one further up who hadn't identified himself to his team properly which resulted in him lacing back in direction and taking out 2 teammates before they realised someone was in the murder hole. I have to say, as hillarious as watching them blow themselves up earlier was, SZS did a damn good job of sweeping and clearing us out of the bunker rooms on the stripe taking game at the end. all in all, a great day practicing my sneaky ninja stuff in the dark again and for once i didnt have to explain light discipline to people too much which was nice. Thanks for a great day and some awesome scenarios felix. Cheers John
  10. Can you cancel riad please Felix, he cant make it now, sorry to be a hassle chap. Cheers John
  11. can you add me and Riad laurentus please both carnivores lol Cant wait to get back down into the darkness with the socom, light is not my friend lol Cheers John
  12. aptom, were you the chap right ontop of the doorway defending laurel in the teritory game? I came in with my socom to be met with a rubber knife in the doorway lol. Good move that was, I managed to get a surrender kill on moley earlier in that doorway, Id ninja'd my way through, killed one guy with the m14 and when moley came in first to investigate he met the barrel of the mk23 pointed at his chest. 8-) I still got pwned anyways mind, got shot in the wrist after offering moley the surrender. Cheers John
  13. I have to agree with you there felix, To be honest at first when you split the teams i thought it would be a walk in the park for the russians, all new players with a few marshals. Wasn't I surprised when they kicked our a** across the entire site for most of the day, it goes to show that new doesnt mean bad, they all seemed to learn quickly that movement and listening to the advice of the more experienced players on there side saw wins streaming in for them. Cheers John P.s. first game was luck though
  14. All in all another good day, I have to say even with whatever issues that appear at an F+O site (and rarely they do) I still enjoy the day all the same. Good work to the russians on storming cedars at the start, was good to see people moving together with the speed and agression required to take that building, even if we were a bit too late. Me and matt (duskdealer) had some good shooting throughout the day, especially trying to take the village on the last game, a few good kills were had under that hedge thats for sure. I think the thing im most glad about is that the artillery worked tbh, i was a bit worried but even with the new thinner rounds it still was working, future modifications will make it as scary or if not more so than the .50 no doubt. And just you watch me get killed on its first round in combat, by my own creation Cheers John
  15. I know its a bit of a late notice but those of you who know me will know my bike is dead, recent attempts at reviving it havent helped either. anyway, i digress, Ive got a lift sorted up to the asylum tomorrow but if anyone has a spare seat in a car heading back to worcester after the game then i'd be grateful. Cheers John