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  1. Just to agree with the above comments really, I REALLY enjoyed this day and the scenarios played very well, purely enjoyable. The most frustrating moment of the day was when I had at least half of the white team in my sites in the game where we were hunting the General, I opened up as they scuttled into the darkness and my most of my team decided to split up, just loosing out on victory by a couple of seconds after almost catching Vladimer Virus From a team point of view things went swimmingly though, communication was clear and the small numbers helped to ensure that everyone was on the same page, we had a few moments of cross fire *ahem but (most) of these were resolved before casualties ensued.. play from both sides was top notch and it was really reassuring to see our Marshalls during in play through the day, as there really was no apparent issue out there, great stuff! It was nice to get out on the hillside again and the weather was glorious, I'd like to see a bit of variation with the use of the woodland I think but then the chosen stage does suit open days well, and the battle was pretty epic to be fair. White team excelled at being sneaky bastards all day, some real fast movers and on several occasions these guys just seemed to disappear into thin air.. truly running rings around us. I think we (greens) did very well in advancing and seemed to have the upper hand in terms of overall site control. Lastly thanks to first and only for encouraging what is fast becoming an expensive pyro habbit, at a cost of £30 this weekend alone, I think I might have to curtail my pyro usage Cheers, Mac.
  2. Firstly I'd like to say the site is excellent, I can see now why full face is highly recommended as going around some of those corners really does feel like you're stepping out into danger! I did brave it without the use of my gasmask for most of the games but when I did use it I found I had a psychological edge, being more prepared to push forwards and less afraid of earning welts on my face (of which I saw plenty, and earned a few myself). It's a really fun environment and I'd echo the word on blue teams performance, we really did work and communicate together superbly, It is vital at this site that players work cohesively if they are to make progress or hold an objective, and the game scenarios were perfect for fully drilling that lesson home, it was nice to play both attacking and defending in a hostage sit as well as a territory game. I saw lots of great play from all sides, especially later on but conversely I saw a few to many bad moves (namely blind fire and a bang-bang misunderstanding) and some blatant dishonesty to boot, again even from the blues, though much of that was in the morning and the Marshall's were right on top of it. The later games of attack and defend were epic, pretty much stalemate action the whole way through, had a very TDM vibe to it but plenty of opportunity for nothing more than good old fashioned gung ho action! I think to conclude, I am very glad that we made the journey to be at this site as it's definitely one I will enjoy every time I get to play; I saw some of the very best and a bit of the very worst in terms of airsofting but for me the overall spirit and experience overrided any of the negative. Thanks F&O, I look forward to returning in the near future. Cheers, Mac,
  3. Add me please Felix. Own kit, Carnivore Cheers, Mac.
  4. Q. How exactly? Cheers, Mac.
  5. If so awesome! I wander how rusty the things will be after laying there over winter I appreciate the heads up Ricky, who would I have to contact to arrange it's safe return? Cheers, Mac.
  6. Bump for great justice! Cheers, Mac.
  7. I'm neither a believer or a disbeliever, I however have a friend who's whole family insists that they have 'other' residents at home.. and from what I've heard they can be quite mischievous, this friend generally is a no nonsense kind of bloke. I know animals quite well, especially dogs.. and I've watched both their Dogs suddenly stare at apparently nothing in the same room, or start barking or pacing about.. very unusual and not logically explainable behaviour (even by doggy logic). Cheers, Mac.
  8. That's the badger! Cheers, Mac.
  9. Ah... Finally found the correct section to post in, now I know. I lost a Mac M11A1 magazine at last weekend's Asylum Skirmish. Anywhere between the woodland and the furthest building. Cheers, Mac.
  10. Another fantastic day at the Ayslum, probably my best yet in terms of out and out enjoyment. Nice to see the weather shining on us, in fact hold that thought, is it possible the marshals could turn down the lighting a bit? As above, the wind seemed to come and go; Today was my sniping debut too and whilst my first and second shots managed to find their targets at decent range, It was a very hit and miss affair thereafter, with some bb's veering way off yet otherwise some impressively long trajectories into the targets.. Hat's off to the British in the morning, you guys presented a very respectable challenge down at the Cedars, though I did suspect one or two cases of non hit taking, play was generally fair and very intense. My personal experience in terms of sportsmanship and spirit probably hasn't seen a better skirmish than this, as the Brits were generally courteous and honourable And my fellow Argentinians worked together well and I enjoyed talking and playing with certain team mates. I did notice a few hissy fits and bad mouthing, but the good way outshone the bad today in my eyes. I appreciate the scenarios were planned a little less in depth due to unexpected numbers but honestly things seemed to flow quite smoothly and I haven't yet been so comfortable in a scenario or my objectives. Full credit to the active Marshalls for this as they seemed to be on top of all the sweet spots and at times offered encouragement or advice to prevent the likelihood of a stalemate. It was a nice surprise to be selected as the SF in the afternoon (Mummy always said I was special) And was a bit of a laugh taking 3 different shooters with me, indeed I actually managed make good practical use of each one. The last game felt like a bit of a treat to be honest, it was pretty mad as everyone just ran up through the woods, shooting everything to shit, genuine excitement and much foolery.. It's a shame that our (Argentina) bravado just seemed to wither away as soon as we cleared the wooded area, props to the remaining Brits again, Despite what I suspect was a lot of thumb twiddling you managed to hold us off well right until the end! I'd just like to add, that during all my jestering and bouncing about in that final game, I managed to lose a Mac 11 Magazine, so eyes out please! http://forum.firstan...-type-magazine/ Cheers for a great day, see ya'll soon. Mac.
  11. Hi, I lost one of my magazines for my KSC Mac M11A1 in the last game on Sunday (27/11/2011). Most likely around at the far end of the far building (can't remember it's name) but possibly anywhere between there and the woodland. Magazine is of steel construction, System 7.. possibly still gassed so please if it is found then could it be released, thank you. Cheers, Mac.
  12. Hi all, Put me down please Felix, Own kit, eater of the meat. Cheers, Mac.
  13. Signed, we absolutely cannot lose Asylum.. It's varied, the weather is usually good and it's local. I haven't come across another site with a similar layout. Cheers, Mac.
  14. It's funny because when stalemates occur I tend to run off on my Todd.. often traversing the darker or lesser used parts of the sight to try and flank the enemy. Numerous times I've ran into the dark, knowing I'm going to be stuck in there for a while and I've had to tell myself "there is nothing to scare me here.. there is nothing to scare me here ". Thinking about it when I lost bongo in that 4th tunnel, I did hear/ see slight silhouettes of what I thought was an enemy patrol coming up so I made my quickest pace into one of the connecting tunnels and went prone, I heard nothing after that though, I came out and until I rejoined the action I didn't see or hear anything, they had been no further than twenty meters ahead. Cheers, Mac.