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  1. The end of the second game from our bail out of the bunker, ending up in the pub was a definite high point in the day. Good job on the footage Dan.
  2. Zombie perspective footage is a very welcome new take
  3. Gameplay was great as ever and the full time zombies were excellent, however it might be worth adding some "leave the area" instructions for the z-team as there were several occasions where the same zombie just kept coming at us to the point that it was a bit ridiculous. Other areas for improvement lie in the execution of the storyline - while Globex were looking for research parts it was great as it gave a real sense of purpose, as did the interception of military supply drops. The problem came from the research effectively having no purpose in game 3, similarly the military's purpose disappeared and it became a mad rush for the chopper. Also hampering this section of the game was the infinite medic rule - the shootout between survivors was utterly futile (although I may have instigated that) since everyone was back in play in seconds. Not entirely convinced that having 3 (almost) equal teams worked quite right - the dynamic between the three wasn't quite right as there was very little need for any interaction, and the assumption on meeting them was that they would shoot on sight. To quote one of Globex's finest from the second game "Are the military about to bum us?" Food rations *could* have worked out really well, but it turned out that there was a massive surplus, so no team ever ran dry. With the lack of food being a real possibility we'd have seen more interaction between the human teams. The need for a big ending is a given, but we're going to need some variety. Onto some more positive notes : - every member of Globex is getting a bonus. Absolute stars, the lot of you. The production line of zombie probing ran the line between great fun and pretty tension-building at the same time, I think there's more we can do with that mechanic to make it even more tense. - the Corporate Walk was a thing of beauty. - the pub rush at the end of the second game was awesome. - ammo limits worked out really well, especially in the second game where we ran out at one point. If there's a constant risk of being out of ammo there'll be some proper tension. - as well as highlighting the zombie team itself (quality as ever) also worth highlighting the players who became zombies over the course of a game, they did a really good job at taking the role on. Overall a really good day. A couple of niggling points where there's room for improvement, but they didn't diminish the day as a whole.
  4. Globex will come out of this disaster smelling of roses, mark my words.
  5. So, first things first - this was an excellent game and I can't give enough praise to the pro zombies on the day, they behaved entirely in character and acted like little more than instinct-driven flesheaters the entire day. Most excellent work folks, you've got to have a screw loose to volunteer to get shot all day but I'm really glad you did. As ever my thanks also go to Fed for pulling this together and making it all click. Onto some random thoughts - Zombies don't need to run, sprint or do anything more than shuffle towards you, ever. The first session was, for me, the best of the day as it was the most atmospheric. The thing with shamblers is that on their own they can be avoided but then you find yourself facing them in multiple directions and it gets considerably more tense. A group of 4 or more with other singles in multiple directions and you've got a real issue. On numerous occasions in the first game the zombies would be shuffling our way and we'd bug out at a jog to be on the safe side. That's a clear sign of an opponent with an upper hand. The two high points of the day from my perspective were from early on - the tail end of the first game we were assaulting the training theatre which was heaving with the dead (like 6 or something!) and despite them being at the shamble while we were armed we lost our first attack entirely, and then in the second the legendary zombie hunter in our group was eaten having not properly checked his corners. The second high point was in the second game with 5 of us clearing a building, stumbling on 2 zombies in the process and only 3 of us made it out. These weren't rapid moving zombies in the slightest, they kept coming until we screwed up. Zombies' strength comes from the fact that they're relentless - they just keep coming, and while I was unsure about the 30 second rule to begin with, this made a downed zombie something to be concerned about. That said, I agree that the ratio of survivors to zombies wasn't perfect but this could be rectified by giving survivors considerably fewer rounds of ammo. Personally I used less than 50 shots in the whole day, having fired less than 20 in the first two games combined. Fewer shots means your unarmed, relentless opponents are far more threatening, and that's the mood you want to create. Yes, airsoft folk want to let rip with their toys and some of yesterday's survivors maybe forgot the need to conserve ammo but oddly that never seemed to slow them down. If each player were initially given 25 or less rounds to use it'd also means you could de-restrict the use of AEGs : if some fool wants to go full auto with their few shots, let them! This would take policing from the marshals - not least of all in anyone "salvaging" bbs from the site. I'd also adjust the rules regarding melee weapon use. The risk involved was too low risk and largely too effective I'd also be in favour of enforcing the "one weapon only" rule. The combination of these moves would severely hamper the survivors and make the zombies considerably more dangerous. The really tricky bit is then working out how to make the zombies increase in threat throughout the course of the day. A mid-session cut-off point after which there is no recovering from being bitten would start to see the numbers of dead increasing, however what might work better is an overall objective for the day to clear the area of zombies and as the day progresses compress where the hoard is active, ending with an assault on the embassy before a dash to the extraction point.. or some such. Encountering a handful of the dead was always pretty exciting, but encountering a dozen or more was a real knuckle-up situation. All that said any changes needed are minor and can be achieved by working on the fact that zombies don't need to run to be scary.
  6. I voted no, but I'd like to caveat it. In FF1 the no-stop rule worked really well as we took lunch breaks in shifts to ensure we were covered at all times, whereas in the second game there wasn't the coverage to ensure that you hadn't been dry-looted while getting some food down. It was this immersion, in part, that made the first game awesome. So, yes keep the game running without a break providing the teams can rotate their members through the saloon (if they choose).
  7. Actually Dan makes a really good point - there were far more random acts of violence this time around and the townsfolk were considerably less cattle-like (no disrespect intended, quite the opposite) than in the first event. Perhaps the introduction of some non-combat factions would help - town shopkeepers/business people etc - who had non-combat objectives to achieve would help here. This would make thugs stand out a mile and far more likely to be hunted down by whatever law agencies are present.
  8. Personally I'd restrict them to Alliance only - if nothing else that makes the Alliance a pretty fearsome opponent. Then again I found that even AEGs/GBB pistols felt a little too hectic in the environment, not out of reality, but when I've got a six shooter and a Winchester anything even slightly automatic outguns me. Playing where every shot counts *could* be incredibly good fun, but it's diminished a little when your opponent is rapid firing a 1911 in your direction. That said, as a support gunner usually I'd really like to see some full-auto positions made available - if a stronghold had a single fixed position support gun in place it could make for some far more tactical assaults.
  9. First off, this was another cracking weekend and the Armoury was a great choice of location. Negative : The lack of most players belonging to an identifiable team meant that you could never trust any of the non-uniformed players (ie anyone other than Alliance and Sheriffs) to be what they were 5 minutes ago. This was most evident when, 5 minutes after Mister Bibbosa was broken out of jail we managed to re-arrest him without any opposition at all as his people had all gone freelancing. This could equally be down to the number of people who showed up - while it was enough to make the game fun it sometimes felt that player numbers were a little thin. Making the saloon a playable area meant there was a constant stream of "I'm just picking up my kit" people walking through who were, strictly speaking, arrest on sight - but we couldn't touch them as it would be unsporting. Again, I know this has already been considered but I'm mentioning it just out of completeness of feedback. Maybe we didn't get visibility on their objectives, but it seemed like some players were out to cause trouble for the sake of it - the deterrent of a jail sentence didn't appear to bother many people. We could possibly have countered this with some zero tolerance or lock em up, throw away the key policing but it didn't really seem fair to do so. Some objectives didn't immediately appear to have a purpose - the laptops particularly (other than Bibbosa's bent accounts) didn't seem to be for anything. Could have a been a story there that didn't quite take off other than as a distraction. Reaver incursions, while an expected part of the game didn't really tie into anything. Maybe if they were a dedicated faction next time around who have no interest in stealing anything but were a constant threat might work. Positive : This was every bit as fun an experience as the last one. The pacing was good, the over-all storyline tied into the players excellently. A little more could have been made of the run-up to the election, but the voting itself and the attempted assassination really built the mood for the end of the first day. The players. Pretty much everyone threw themselves into the scenario, the variety of kit being used really added to the environment. Vaults were an excellent addition - adding safes next time around is a great idea. The timed mining sequence from the Bibbosa mine was a really great idea - very surprised we didn't see more gold shipments being hijacked or stolen. Really liked the CCTV option that presented itself later on Saturday - should be a regular feature. Overall, while there's always room for improvement this was a really good game, every bit as good as the last event, even improving on it in some places. The standard of roleplay was good with plenty of good characters running around the place. Can't wait for the next one!
  10. Zombie rules could work well for reavers : respawn if nobody is watching.
  11. I've picked up a Winchester 1873 already and would buy an SAA or two if anywhere sold them...
  12. Sign me up - Sam Bennett, own guns, yes to food, all weekend.
  13. I completely forgot to big up the marshalling of the event in my previous post... big mistake, sorry. It really was superbly run. The medic rules made the whole thing come alive - even the simple change of having to roll around on the floor when hit made for a considerably more fun game. The strength of the event definitely came from having something to do beyond combat - I spent most of Saturday with Four-Leaf just having a nice walk carrying a Winchester, and it was great fun. My favourite moment though was neatly captured by Pete (picture attached) : Badger and one of his mob were wanted by the Sheriff, and we knew they were in the saloon so I hold the door while my partner went for some backup (Bongo doesn't go down without a fight), unfortunately for me they came out before backup arrived but a yell of "drop it!" sent them scurrying back inside. In a fairly predictable move they decided that pyro was the best way to dislodge me, but I already had the Reaver-stomper ready to roll so opted to take them down and sacrifice myself in the process. Job's a good un. Massive grin and the three of us yelling for a medic on the floor of the saloon doorway. On the subject of full-auto, hell no it just isn't needed - we had a discussion among the deputies over the weekend and felt that even gas pistols could fire too quickly for it to be fun. When it comes down to it sporadic single shot gunfire makes the whole thing more tense, and way more satisfying when you get a hit... like the shot that "freed" the sheriff from a would-be kidnapper. Bloody loved this game.
  14. First and foremost this was a most fantastic event, probably the most fun I've had airsofting to date ... even though it was possibly closer the LARP than traditional airsoft, the fact that we had a purpose beyond "go kill those guys" made a big difference. As one of the sheriff's deputies what really made the game work for me was that we needed absolutely no instruction whatsoever - we probably didn't even need His Saintly Mayorness himself - in order to be fully immersed in the game. Simply patrolling the town dealing with troublemakers, talking to the locals and exacting reasonable and necessary taxes on the population was really all the instruction we'd have needed. The Operative did a fine job of keeping us informed of gossip, and plenty of tongues we loosened following a brief stint in a cell (I for one heartily commend all those who played along fully with being incarcerated and interrogated. This brings me on to my next point - the players. I really wasn't expecting everyone to throw themselves into it with the gusto they did, and it made the event completely awesome as a result. From Honest Pete's constant whining, to the ominous Blue Hand Gang, Badger's goons, shifty-lookin bounty hunters, the townsfolk, doctors, Alliance stormtroopers, Browncoats and the rest of the deputies this was really great stuff and I lost count of how many times I had a big stupid grin on my face purely from the entertainment value of it all. I can sympathise with the townsfolk who may well have been abused from every angle over the weekend. Perhaps in future they could run legitimate businesses to give them some additional purpose? BB limits for all players would mean a reason for an arms trader, a street-based food and water stall, information brokerage, hospital... all of which could be staffed with multiple people and give a reason for the bank to exist. Just a starting thought... The sheriff's department possibly could have done more to protect the civilians, but frankly there were always bigger fish to fry and with Mayor Bibby's constant need to acquire more gold we had our work cut out for us. Anyway a top weekend, and I can't wait for the next one. Back in character.... "Keep your nose clean, and have a nice day."