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  1. The maze area was a great Idea guys and actually did make a really good CQB arena style area, the egg as an objective also worked well as it provided an easily seen but hard to move objective that focused the gameplay more than just having a player as the target objective. The machinegun game in my opinion was more fun for the full auto guys rather than the people stuck on semi-auto but had potential, all in all good game ideas and great gameplay from the players as per usual.
  2. Yes it did work well but I think if all the respawn areas could be contested and not just two it would give a bit more of an insentive to move up, also using a couple of the main 'base' areas along with a few other scattered locations would make it feel more realistic and make some areas worth fighting over and defending and would get players thinking about which areas they want to try and take/keep before assaulting another location.
  3. How about building a simple bridge crossing at a point over one of the streams, that way you could play a destroy the bridge mission with one team defending the crossing and the other having to hold players on the bridge for an F&O five min's to blow it up
  4. Another simple idea for an everyday easy to play game would be a territory game with the ammo crates as regen points open for one team and closed for the other, obvioulsy when all ammo crates are under one teams control you have ended the oppositions regen so they would have to work off the usual hit medic, hit, dead rule unitl they either recapture a regen point or get whiped out.
  5. Now that's how you sell airsoft! If only you could put gliter and unicorns on then it would be perfect.
  6. How about a territory based millsim north vs south vietnam maybe with bases that are captured giving the team some kind of bonus for capturing the ground as well as acting as a respawn point when not under fire, giving the players a reason to fight for particular bases
  7. I would suggest making more props for games objectives ect since you can take these off site at the end of the day avoiding the dipweeds that enjoy wrecking anything that gets built in the wood.
  8. Ask around at airsoft events about reliabilty and so on and if you can field test any gun before you buy that will help alot but at the end of the day buy somthing YOU like the look and feal of and you can't go wrong.
  9. Signed
  10. How about quantanamo if it's around the American base