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  1. Date lost ... 4th June Item ... TM Hi Capa gas mag ( Black ) Condition ... As new, hardly used Location ... Between the safe zone and the fence behind the assault course.
  2. Being shot 5 yards out of re-gen, whats that all about? Can't help feel that standards are slipping a little, but still enjoyed the day. Cheers Sam and team. ( and Harrison for not shooting me in the asse!, when i most certainly would have lol )
  3. Defo gets my vote. I love the D buildings, but they lack the quirkyness that the embassy and the pub have. Maybe just fiddle with one, say D3, that seems to only be used as a through route from D2 to D4 and vica versa. I'd like to see the top floor blacked out and maybe the access restricted down stairs to give it a different "ethos"?
  4. 100% F**K YEAH!! Hats off to Sam, clockwork as usual.
  5. WHAT AN EPIC DAY!!!! Morning game was the best I've experienced yet at anzio. Can't believe folk were moaning that Jamie was giving out tasks, and they were getting shot at lol. More of the same please Jamie, it was AWESOME! Me and the crew are constantly discussing where to try next....... But theres something about Anzio and the staff that run it that keeps dragging us back, well done guys.
  6. No disrespect to others that have stood before him, but a fantastic job by Sam, and probably the most professional I've ever seen it done at anzio, well done mate.
  7. Couldn't really get into it to be honest. Don't know why, probably just the way we decide to play the day, cos the marshals, players and scenarios were to the usual great standard we all appreciate at anzio. See you all on the 27th. Oh! Cheers for handing in that mag D/C
  8. Awesome! Cheers fella, i'll pm martin. Thanks again.
  9. DATE 29/SEPT My mate lost a Desert Eagle AEP mag, somewhere between the entrance gate, and the top end of the assult course.
  10. Can't seem to register on the booking system for some reason, so i'll pay on the day. Daz-Walk on Bing-Walk on Imperials please.
  11. Ok then, if were keeping the medics rule, lets do it proper...... Arms and legs can be medic'd, head or torso and its lights out. Altough that'll be another shocking 20 mins added to the brief lol. What ever the outcome, i'm still up for shorter walks to re-gen .
  12. Yeah, defo closer re-gen, or maybe not get hit so much lol.
  13. I had to tell three people that they'd already been medic'd. Why not cut the brief down by ten minutes and axe this rule and run it as one hit dead. Make the dead player wait his three minutes at the re-gen before coming back into play. Good day, not up to usual standards but still very enjoyable. Oh! FYI, Twenty plus attacking soldiers, one stair well and half a dozen dead men walking do not fit!
  14. Another fantastic day dispite getting piss wet through in the first game and freezing my bollocks off for most of the morning! Great play from pretty much everyone there. The only incident of foul play was when a yellow team member started to shout abuse at a guy next to me after he shot him once he'd shouted hit! To be fair to my team mate, the guy was in the building opposite us ( d4, we were in d3 ) and was walking around with his hand in the air. But if the obscenities weren't bad enough, the fact that he then decided to then start firing back out of anger after said team mate told him to watch his mouth and calm, just shows that unfortunately some PRATS! Do get through the net. However, said prat soon bled out when said team mate ( dazza ) took out his marshals vest , slipped it on and ran down the stairs after him pmsl. Nice video dan, was trying to explain to my mate how about 20 reds were squashed up on the stair well, to afraid to move untill someone came in screaming for everyone to f***ing move lol. Still cant put a face to the name,however, the voice is now logged in. Stilll feel sorry for the first guy through the opening at the top of the srairs, took about 4 hits to the side and back of the head........So glad i didnt turn left lol.
  15. Didn't know the guy was from the shop, but the name fits.