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  1. Dave you have far to much time on your hands id hate to see what els you do with the pics of rick you have on your pc.LOL
  2. not a bad blog m8
  3. your blog url might help if you want us to take a look and welcome to F&O
  4. sorry m8 it came out dark i am going to be bringing the camera up more often now so if your up next time let me know who you are on the day and al make sure to get some good ones of you im also going to be taking ones before we go out out so we get some group pics. of you want any profile pics or out to guys just ask i might insult you first and take the piss but i will do it looking foreword to the next game hope to get some better pics and some film as well;) thanks for the feed back and to the other guy who used the camera i like the shot of me (profile pic)
  5. here you go guys sorry for the delay but had to set up a Photobucket account up then upload the pic's. talk about having to do thing the hard way but done it now enjoy and dont forget to say thanks. http://s1175.photobu...mview=slideshow
  6. lol i used google just 4 u General and after i went 4 a / and CRB it told me it stood for OK and or not caring pmsl
  7. just been watching Dog The the Bounty hunter and its given me an idea for a game 3 teams 2 are bounty hunters you start with £5000 per team and loos mony if your players get hit and if thay die also on ammo now the 3rd team the runaways with bounty on there heads the more the dangers the player the more the bounty so you van have the 3rd team split up it could be £1000 for a player aquipt with a postal and £3500 for players with aegs and £4000 for snipers and if you get them alive a bonus of course now as team 1 and 2 are "the good guys" if you take out the other team you also lose money and the other team gains so watch were you aim you have to be quick around the wood to get the best bounty's and the team at the end with the most money wins simples well theirs the rough idea what you think its something differant
  8. my maps are better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. All Sorted now. thanks Dave
  10. Memcwho my boot is bigger than that thing you call a van lol.
  11. Sergeant_Blazer id listen to The General and other F&O marshals/admin as there right do not brush it off as a lol as its a good way to get banned even before you have played your first game under 16 MUST have a parent or guardian present on site at all times regardless of who you have called ! as to your question if you have the gear most people come wearing it and if you come in a car then there's your locker bring a bottle of water good boots and cash + a adult and your good to go enjoy your first game and dont argue against the rules there there so we can all continue to enjoy the sport and stay safe.
  12. here you guys and girls go some costumes for you i think ric would look real nice in one mpfsl
  13. yea but when they find out its of your hairy balls and ass they might not want to win pmsl I SEE BADGER, WEARS MY GUN