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  1. Dave you have far to much time on your hands id hate to see what els you do with the pics of rick you have on your pc.LOL
  2. not a bad blog m8
  3. your blog url might help if you want us to take a look and welcome to F&O
  4. here you go guys sorry for the delay but had to set up a Photobucket account up then upload the pic's. talk about having to do thing the hard way but done it now enjoy and dont forget to say thanks. http://s1175.photobu...mview=slideshow
  5. sorry m8 it came out dark i am going to be bringing the camera up more often now so if your up next time let me know who you are on the day and al make sure to get some good ones of you im also going to be taking ones before we go out out so we get some group pics. of you want any profile pics or out to guys just ask i might insult you first and take the piss but i will do it looking foreword to the next game hope to get some better pics and some film as well;) thanks for the feed back and to the other guy who used the camera i like the shot of me (profile pic)
  6. lol i used google just 4 u General and after i went 4 a / and CRB it told me it stood for OK and or not caring pmsl
  7. just been watching Dog The the Bounty hunter and its given me an idea for a game 3 teams 2 are bounty hunters you start with £5000 per team and loos mony if your players get hit and if thay die also on ammo now the 3rd team the runaways with bounty on there heads the more the dangers the player the more the bounty so you van have the 3rd team split up it could be £1000 for a player aquipt with a postal and £3500 for players with aegs and £4000 for snipers and if you get them alive a bonus of course now as team 1 and 2 are "the good guys" if you take out the other team you also lose money and the other team gains so watch were you aim you have to be quick around the wood to get the best bounty's and the team at the end with the most money wins simples well theirs the rough idea what you think its something differant
  8. my maps are better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. All Sorted now. thanks Dave
  10. Memcwho my boot is bigger than that thing you call a van lol.
  11. Sergeant_Blazer id listen to The General and other F&O marshals/admin as there right do not brush it off as a lol as its a good way to get banned even before you have played your first game under 16 MUST have a parent or guardian present on site at all times regardless of who you have called ! as to your question if you have the gear most people come wearing it and if you come in a car then there's your locker bring a bottle of water good boots and cash + a adult and your good to go enjoy your first game and dont argue against the rules there there so we can all continue to enjoy the sport and stay safe.
  12. here you guys and girls go some costumes for you i think ric would look real nice in one mpfsl
  13. yea but when they find out its of your hairy balls and ass they might not want to win pmsl I SEE BADGER, WEARS MY GUN
  14. you can get them from the shop from here then you know what your getting is right.
  15. also metal glass/clear and paint bbs are not aloud
  16. bio-molecular neuro dis function one guy starts off all by him/her self some were in the wood with one thing on there mind KILL the first human they see, now the twist this can infect anyone at any time determined by a marshal or (the marshal could will change told over the radio) so if your with a squad or just near some one all of a sudden there going to kill you if told to . they cant be killed but can be cured by a anti- bio-molecular neuro dis function count to 10 after the person with the dysfunction is shot in the chest or back (legs arms and head don't count) the disease will stop if all players get cured. the players with bio-molecular neuro dis function can spread the disease by counting to 5 with a shot player all players are on semi only but the players with the disease get full auto game also ends if all players get the bio-molecular neuro dis function. you'd be surprised what happens in the jungles of Vietnam.
  17. using the range during dinner etc to have some kind of sharp shouter challenge and win a prize would be nice.
  18. could not resist updated map pmfsl yes i liked my own post and? haha.bmp
  19. and good as i can do in the 5 mins i can be assed lol kha sanh.bmp
  20. think it depends on most sites if you have your own kit all you have to do is usually just put your name down on the forum yes. that aside welcome back to the sport of air soft. Dave
  21. just the people you want to mess with thay own guns and knifs and now you have put this post up thay know who you are not smart i think but then again you should no you DO need a ukara to bye a rif but its funny how you can get a more deadly gun with less hassle (air Gun) its not a ukara you need to sell rifs i think thats vcra if the Rif is made as power full as a air gun then its not a rif heres some info on things Air Weapons Air rifles with a power output of less than 12ft/lb are available to shooters without the need for a licence. For air pistols, the power limit is reduced to 6ft/lb. On no account should owners try to improve the power output of an air weapon because if they exceed these limits, they are considered ‘Section 1’ firearms. There is no security requirement for air weapons but owners are advised to store them securely so that they may not be stolen or misused by another person. To use an air-rifle or air-pistol on enclosed private land a person must have the requisite permission and must be legally old enough. It is an offence for a person under 17 years old to be in possession of an air weapon, or ammunition for it, except: a. As a member of an approved club for target shooting. b. Whilst at a shooting gallery where only air weapons or miniature rifles not exceeding .23 calibre are used. c. Whilst under the supervision of a person aged 21 years or over, or whilst shooting, on private premises, including land, provided the missile is not fired beyond those premises. d. From the age of 14 years old, whilst on private premises with the consent of the owner. No supervision is required. ‘Section 1’ Firearms Shooters wishing to use a .22 for rabbiting, a .17HMR for vermin control, a .243 for foxing or a .308 for stalking will need a ‘Section 1’ Firearms Certificate. This enables the holder to possess the exact calibre, number and type of rifles specified on the licence and outlines the purposes for which each may be used. Therefore, if you are found shooting rabbits with your .308 and it specifies on your licence that it is for deer shooting, you will be committing an offence. You can see the application form for a FAC on the Metropolitan Police website: http://www.met.polic.../pdfs/FF101.pdf Unlike ‘Section 2’ shotguns, a ‘Section 1’ firearm must be required for a specific purpose (called ‘Good Reason’) and the police need to be satisfied that the applicant needs it and has good cause to want it for the specified purpose. If you cannot convince the police of your need, they do not have to grant the FAC. A first FAC is usually restricted and the owner may only use his rifle on land specified or approved by the police for that calibre weapon. An experienced FAC holder may be granted an ‘open licence’ which means he can use the rifle anywhere he judges it to be safe and appropriate, within the law. Another type of gun that is considered a ‘Section 1’ firearm is any shotgun with a barrel shorter than 24” or a semi-auto or pump-action gun with the capacity to hold more than two shells in the magazine, or any shotgun with a detachable magazine. Air rifles which exceed the 12ft/lb power output limit are considered ‘Section 1’ firearms. Security for ‘Section 1’ firearms is similar to that for shotguns except that the police are more likely to insist on a monitored alarm and they also require ammunition to be locked securely (ideally in a separate section from the rifles). In order to buy and sell ‘Section 1’ firearms, the police must grant permission in advance for each sale or transfer. Any ammunition purchased must be entered on the FAC by the seller and the amount of ammunition possessed is restricted and specified by the police. When travelling with firearms, do not leave them unattended and whilst travelling, bolts, magazines and ammunition should be stowed separately from the rifle. Trigger locks and cable ties are also a wise precaution. ‘Section 5’ Prohibited Weapons ‘Section 5’ covers weapons that are prohibited unless special permission is granted by the Home Secretary. This section covers automatic weapons, military weapons and modern handguns. Specialist collectors and dealers are able to gain Section 5 authority but is will not be available to the vast majority of shooters and collectors. provides full details of the list and restrictions. Worried or unsure? If in any doubt about your legal status, please contact you local police, check the Metropolitan Police website (which is very helpful and easy to follow) or talk to a Registered Firearms Dealer. If you find a gun in your attic or if a relative dies and you find yourself in possession of a weapon for which you are unsure you have the required authority to possess, the law allows for you to hand it to a Registered Firearms Dealer. He will ask for your name but you are not obliged to provide it. He will then inform the police that a firearm has been handed-in anonymously and they will check that it has not been used in crime and then authorise the RFD to dispose of it legally. The police would rather unlicensed guns be ‘in the system’ and they will not seek to penalise the honest hand-over of firearms that are currently unlicensed. If in doubt, you can contact Sporting Shooter for one of our experts to advise you.
  22. ​hello and welcome
  23. gratings CaptainKindling The Asylum looks to be a nice place to battle at just wish i had time and money to get there hope you enjoy years of air-softing with F&O i know i do