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  1. It was a really good day all said. having multiple objectives for each team to complete was interesting and definitely helped to spread the fighting across the whole site rather than concentrate it over two or three buildings. only criticism of this style is that occasionally people lost track of what they were doing and it got harder later on to know how many objectives/ buildings we actually had. the mortar round was a lot of fun, trying to pin down the mortar team was a good challenge (kudos to the yellow team player who actually managed to retrieve it while the rest of us were hit) gameplay issues were almost non existent from my perspective, had one incident of full auto fire at close range which left a few nasty bruises but it was an honest mistake and the guy apologised. weather was boiling but it beats the usual climate of mud and rain.
  2. i believe this is last years roster mate
  3. welcome to the forums! the armoury is a cracking site, lots of varied terrain and absolutely massive (just wish there were less of the damn brambles there)
  4. it was my first time at the armoury and my first time doing anything milsim outside of the old corp wars games so I was expecting to be a little out of my depth. the site is awesome. I knew the armoury was tough but I spent hours wandering around that site while brambles cut me to ribbons and don't regret a second of this. marshalling and briefing all went really well as is the standard for F&O and the commanders and squad leaders performed brilliantly. that said I did think there were a few issues, biggest being team balance. discounting the epic final confrontation at engineering the russians got their arses kicked again and again in just about every conflict we got into. a big part of this was down to numbers as US/UK forces outnumbered us quite badly and could easily overwhelm us while we could only put two teams of six out at any one time plus another team to defend the FOB (not to do the US/UK players an injustice, they fought like demons all weekend and played spectacularly) the fact we were constantly on the defensive didn't help much, especially in the villiage defence on sunday where we struggled to cover an entire perimeter with only six men. another issue that wasn't mine but was mentioned by another player was they felt the russian commander tended to use one of the teams to do all the 'interesting' missions while other teams got stuck on long patrols or guard duty constantly. honestly I don't know if theres any validity to this, the team rotation at the start of the day worked well at first but towards the end of the day seemed to stop and didn't resume on the sunday. two hours spent guarding engineering when there were no objectives or activity on it seemed like wasted time to me. all that said I know the marshalls were aware of the numbers issue and worked hard to put it right and make sure everyone enjoyed themselves. and despite my playing like crap all weekend (only got about 4 hits in and walking right past the mortar tube is probably my most hilariously embarrasing moment in airsoft) I did really enjoy myself, The armoury is a cracking site and the marshal team did a really good job getting everything organised.
  5. reds are outnumbered for once
  6. think the commander idea was trialled a while back with a marshal on each team organising squads and updating information. to my memory it failed quite badly because controlling airsofters is like herding cats. most of that day was spent with everyone saying "whats going on, wheres the objective what are we supposed to be doing" etc windows wise I doubt they'd last long if they were boarded up, judging by how long it took for everything else to be broken
  7. we took a lot of gopro footage but it hasn't been uploaded yet
  8. really good day today. games were pretty varied and any problems got dealt with fairly quickly. was good to have so many immortals out on the field again so it was an epic win in my book
  9. they are in the hands of the web devs and waiting to be uploaded
  10. there are no forced requirements in terms of footwear, you war what is most comfortable for you, most sites get pretty wet/muddy though, so a decent pair of water resistant boots is highly recommended.
  11. welcome to the forums
  12. damn, i would be so there if i didnt have a latin exam the next day,
  13. I know but ive used the correct abbreviations before and just got "huh?" as a response. call it laziness on my part.
  14. camo in airsoft is much of a muchness, ive only been to the outpost once but from what ive seen urban camps along with blacks will work well and so will desert camo. for once that american acu camo will probably work, though i would personally get it a little dirty before the game to dim the colours a little (then burn it after the game, but thats just my anti americanism shining through)
  15. ah damn, i didnt know you guys had a limit on spaces and i wasnt 100% sure what everyone else was doing so i didnt book in earlier, thanks anyway
  16. tried to book a place but it said it couldn't ?
  17. good day as always, i prefer the longer games so didnt see an issue with them, and it was funny for us to keep guessing where that objective was in the second game, only to miss it and find someone else had taken it loved rocking my new ak74u and a big thanks to DanH for his help with it (and martin for downgrading it). gameplay wise it was all good, we came across only two instances of suspect play on the day. but because of how rare this is at f&o it didnt really detract from the play. marshalling was top notch. overall a good day.
  18. A photocopy of his passport should be fine.
  19. its a brilliant shop, the range is awesome and they have tons of stuff. I wasnt as good as dunk and ended up buying a softshell jacket and a cyma ak74u
  20. martin, its a bit of a long shot but any chance you can get one of those a&k pkm's in the uk?
  21. i believe i saw someone else with a camera and there was some film taken but aside from that I dont know.
  22. brilliant day from my point of view. i hadnt been able to attend any games in the last two months and that day was awesome to come back to. i liked that we started off on one long game rather than a short warm up game like what usually happens. as usual top notch marshalling and no problems from the players aside from a small bit of what me and dan thought was power play, but such things are usual petty and we were both satisfied with how it was handled. only gripe i can think of was during the capture dazza game, where we had became slightly confused over where the reds were trying to get dazza to after hearing he was no longer heading to the firing range. however like i said these things are small and did nothing to detract from the overall enjoyment of the day.
  23. Hey

    Welcome to the forums Theres no real requirements for your first skirmish just bring a pair of boots and clothes you dont mind getting dirty in. When it comes to actually buying airsoft guns you have to be 18, you also need to be a registered member at a site (unless you fancy playing with half your gun sprayed flourescent green!) for the first few games I would recommend hiring a gun rather than buying one right away, just so you have an idea of what you want when it comes to buying (not that it does much good, three guns later im still looking for more!)
  24. Z events are running one this weekend. Sorry about that jamie, a lot of the forums im on are a little iffy about posting things about other companies so its a force of habit
  25. I'll send you a pm on facebook, not sure if i can say it here.