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  1. somone said they lost a p90 mag - found today, I have it
  2. we just need to specify a date and we'll be up and running
  3. There was snow! And some airsoft. But mainly snow
  4. don't forget zombies can still sign up
  5. Please can everyone ensure they sign up for games in a timely manner. It is not helpful if you sign up the night before, especially if you want hire equipment. Also can everyone please make sure they do sign up as there have been incidents recently where 20+ extra players have turned up unexpectedly.
  6. Map

    Hope so!
  7. Unfortunately this event is cancelled If anyone has booked in/paid esposits you can either get a refund or teransfer to the Zombie Day event at Bolton on Sunday 12th February
  8. We're lookingto transfer this to the weekend after - more details will follow asap
  9. 1 survivor place left!
  10. 1 survivor space left globex is over subscribed - will work it out in morning but think DanH was last in technically SRR spaces left but some signed in for globex may be transferred to them
  11. This is Anzio on 1st April
  12. http://www.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/venue/anzio/gallery-zombie-survival-anzio-22nd-january-2012/
  13. tbh I expected you to actually hold out a lot longer both at the pub and at the armoury and I cut it shorter than it was meant to go on for
  14. A few thoughts on zombies and running. I dont think im going to have running zombies at all - while zombies were having difficulty chasing down humans to begin with, once we'd got them organised and they learnt how to ambush it was less of an issue. Also looking at the final game it might have gone better for the survivorss if zombies couldnt constantly charge them. at most i think a sudden lurge at targets in range is all thats needed. Also i dont think zombies will change their agression as the game goes on - i'll find a medium level that can be maintained and so while survivors will probably find initial levels harder, the last level/last stand should be actually survivable.