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  1. Will get other teams stories up as and when team leaders can do them, will then let any individuals do their stories too if they want...
  2. From the Alliance point of view: An increase in the number of unauthorised ships landing in the area together with many unknown individuals resulted in an increase in Military security for the area. Due to intelligence gained a series of security patrols raids and check points were established in the town. Many suspects were identified and detained under Alliance Security Against Terrorism codes. Security intelligence identified a major threat to the person of Mayor Bibby. The Alliance considered the threat to a key member of the local government and law enforcement of the planet an act of terrorism. Hence when the individuals attempted to capture Mayor Bibby they found their plan foiled by heavy military intervention and their target safely secured. It can only be assumed they were part of the Browncoat scum attempting to take the town for themselves. After the Mayors rescue Alliance intelligence had identified the location of a potential terrorist hideout in a warehouse on the main town square. Alliance soldiers infiltrated the building while the occupants were drinking and whoring in the saloon at mid-day. Upon their return they were ambushed and seized. They sustained many injuries and so were escorted under guard to the Blue Sun medical facility were they were securely interned in the hands of the medical staff. Security patrols were increased on the following day, however a Browncoat suicide mission blew up the main Alliance Barracks, killing both themselves and many good Alliance Troopers. Captain Grey immediately called for reinforcements’ and moved his casualties to the Blue Sun medical facility for treatment. The Allied infantry were out of action for several hours after this. Shortly after the company reforming and their injured soldiers being released from hospital, the Alliance were contacted for assistance by the Blue Sun medical facility, who had been raided and very important medical supplies and computer equipment stolen. The Alliance then searched out the perpetrators and, with assistance from concerned citizens, raided the homesteads of the criminals, arrested them and recovered the stolen materials. One of the perpetrators was identified as one Malcolm Reynolds, a fugitive of Alliance justice. He escaped the initial assault, however concerned citizen Honest Pete made a citizens arrest and handed him over. According to federal policy traitors are to be executed immediately and publically as an example to all. Malcolm Reynolds was marched to the Town Square for execution, however a group of Reavers, apparently under the control of an unknown female, attacked the firing squad. Analysis of the aftermath failed to locate Malcolm Reynolds body, his location is unknown, however many citizens were completely devoured by Reavers. It appears Captain Grey was killed, with all of his company in the attack. This has saved him from his fate. The Allied Reinforcements arrived on planet a few hours later and the remaining citizens were shipped out to refugee camps. The town has been put under quarantine for the foreseeable future. The Blue Sun medical facility appeared to have been evacuated prior to the last Reaver attack and it was completely sanitised.
  3. Just to let you guys know we are reasding this and taking it all on board. We had plenty of discussion about what worked and didn't while we were broken down in Leek on the way home... We'll post our thoughts as soon as we've had chance to recover and re-engage braincells
  4. To book for the Firefly event I will require your Name, Forum name, Which team you want to be on and whether or not you require hire kit. Your team will not be published here, but will be added to the team forum section. You will be given access to your team forum once booked in. Full Play will be from Saturday morning (no later on site than 0900hrs) till Sunday afternoon (1630hrs). Friday Evening will be roleplay in the bar only - no fighting. Price will be £60 for the weekend or £70 if hiring guns. £30 for one day only. Food will be available for purchase from the Saloon Camping available overnight Friday & Saturday Basic Outline Timings Saturday 0900 Latest time on site 0930 Safety brief 1730 Endex main game 1800 Bar opens for evening Last light - Bar closes Sunday 0800 Breakfast 0900 Morning Brief and rules refresher 1530 Endex & de-brief 1600 Pack up and go home Post your details below: 1) Paul Bacon - Mutronics 2) Sam Jones - Mainiac 3) James Fox - FanaticFox 4) Alex Lovatt - Stalin93 5) Elliott Cunningham - ECJamster 6) Jacob harrison - JacobH 7) Pete Owen - The_Petes 8) Louise Lee - Schematic 9) Adam - Adam S *no team yet* 10) Daniel Wolfendale - Wolfy 11) Emmet J McGauran - Emmet J 12) Tom Scott - NeoProphet 13) vintorez 14) Athers13 15) DanH 16) Elliott Balcombe - Balcolme1 17) Thomas Allen - TheHoboClown 18) Tyrion - Micah Poole 19) - Decktron 20) Hank - Sabre1489 21) Typhus - Mitch Poole 22) David Wylie - Davidis 23) Rich Plummer - *hire* 24) Andy Heard 25) Martin Barnes - martyboy99 *hire* 26) Pete Nixon *hire* 27) Kage - Mark Grooms 28) Phil Stocks - EdTheRabbit 29) K.Thomson - Hitachi 30) G.Thomson 31) C.Burnett 32) Kieran Gaynor - Four Leaf 33) Sam Bennett - SamSite 34) Klyn Gaynor - Monolith 35) Spectre- Alex Warr 36) Tom Abbott - Twink *hire* 37) Adam Marcroft - Alia$ 38) charisse peckham - chazzawazza *no team yet* 39) Jack Tieu - Happyjack *Hire* 40) Cat 41) Shady *Hire* 42) Tayste 43) Sam *Hire* 44) Tunde Ogenshakin-TDO 45) Simon Butler - *hire* 46) lee - Lima 47) James - Duke Bagman 48) Ray Pike - Badger 49) Russel Maloney - 8-Ball 50) Alex Marcroft 51) David Nixon 52) Jack Reynolds
  5. Saloon will be open as long as we're standing - we're not serving alcohol or anything so its not like someone has to work the bar...
  6. any time after 5 would be fine
  7. We're expecting to have around 70+ players in game. For a first event this will be fine and work out quite well in terms of both having enough players in game but also finding enough for all those players to do... We'll be off forum from this afternoon - so any last important questions before we go?
  8. A commentary on staying in character and similar topics. it is important to remember that just because you know something or have learnt something by watching the TV series or reading the forum, doesn't necessarily mean that your character knows this. Most of the characters being played this weekend live on some backwater moon and have never heard of Malcolm Reynolds, River Tam or Joss Whedon. Just because you know what River Tam looks like, doesnt mean that Alliance Private Pile does. How would they know, especially if they have the paperwork to prove they are someone else? Equally it is important that your character reacts as they would in real life, not everyone is a cool hand with a quick draw who reacts to being shot at by drawing down. How would your character react to threats or bribes? What would they think if they saw violence or unjust application of the law?
  9. *Alliance Team Full*
  10. Will say after 5 for now
  11. Price Drop to £60 for weekend (or £30 for one day only)
  12. Facebook event is now here, although it still needs some work on it: https://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?e ... 8218706188 Note due to feedback and to try and encourage non-airsofters in we've dropped the price. Part of that deal includes not providing evening meal or breakfast, but will have food available all day via the saloon.
  13. 6th-7th August 2011 Latest Corps Wars now up here.
  14. Take my love, take my land Take me where I cannot stand I don't care, I'm still free You can't take the sky from me Take me out to the black Tell them I ain't comin' back Burn the land and boil the sea You can't take the sky from me There's no place I can be Since I found Serenity But you can't take the sky from me... In the years after the Battle of Miranda a 2nd Browncoat rebellion has erupted, citizens of the Alliance who despise the indiscriminate testing and treatment at the hands of the political elite. Unfortunately successive defeats and their inability to find conclusive evidence of Alliance Reaver experimentation has soured the revolution. Malcolm Reynalds and the crew of the Serenity have been actively supporting the revolution and smuggling Browncoat search teams around the system in their hunt for evidence of the Reaver plague. Serenity has had a tip off about an unusual Alliance presence on the moon Artemis 6, in the frontier town of Forlorn Hope. This outpost has many reports of disappearances and a large garrison of top Alliance military forces, that seems very excessive for an uncared for backwater moon. They have taken temporary residence at the town brothel, run by an associate of Inara’s. The town is dominated by Sherriff and Mayor for Life John Bibby. A former Alliance officer, but with no love for his former comrades. He is by and large a just ruler, but the law is as it suits him rather than any Alliance rules or values. The Mayors office and Gaol are where Sherriff Bibby is housed, although he is more likely to be found in the local Saloon, holding court over the local population and his hired guns. Racketeer & Mobster Badger has recently come to town after local law enforcement on Persephone pursued his illegitimate business interests on the planet. His enterprise has set-up shop in a warehouse on the edge of town and is trying to conduct business ventures under the Sheriffs radar. In particular rumours of Unification war loot stashed in the town by the Sheriff are intriguing to Badger, a man in need of financial support for his new life on Artemis. The Alliance presence in the town and surrounds is heavy - too heavy. There are too many strangers in town and many may be agents of the Alliance. Strange disappearances have occurred, most never returned. Those that did, came back mad. On top of all these gangs, the ordinary citizens are trying to live their hard frontier lives, some honestly, some not…
  15. I don't think this will be going on the F&O youtube channel...
  16. Welcome to First and Only Airsoft Events. We are a dedicated team of Airsoft enthusiasts who run game sites all over the UK, specialising in wargames and military simulation events. On this forum you can find information about who we are, what airsoft is and how to get involved and play in the games we run. Whether you are new to the sport, want to come to an open day skirmish or want to run a special event for corporate training, birthdays or Stag/Hen do, then we can find something to fit your requirements. thankyou The First & Only team
  17. I think treebeard has a game on at the embassy in leicester too
  18. Not that far advanced, but wont be too complicated
  19. Sleeping on site will be ok either tented or in the buildings
  20. There will be a need for certain characters who will play roles that get the game moving, but a lot of character personality and story will be up to the player. Each team will have a leader to help co-ordinate the game. Also there will be some special roles within those teams and specific sub-groups. A lot of the townsfolk will have enabling roles where they will be setting up missions or pushing players in the right direction.
  21. Well we can't all be the operative...
  22. New sub-forum open: viewforum.php?f=115
  23. How It's going to Work Firstly a reminder that this is Roleplay with Airsoft - not an Airsoft event with a bit of roleplay thrown in Booking is not open yet, however when you book in you will be required to select a team. However some team selections will need to remain secretive, so it won't work in the same as normal booking in. Each team will have their own forum so any discussions on team play can be just between them. The teams are: Browncoats and Serenity Crew Alliance Infantry Company Badgers Gang Sheriffs Office and Town Militia Townsfolk Each team will have different objectives for the weekend and differing styles of play. Rules and schedules will be posted up later.
  24. 'bungle98' ? gay...
  25. We are going to be running a series of Mil-sim night games at Bolton Wood. The first is on Saturday 4th December, the evening after a normal game day. More info and booking here: http://www.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/newforum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4137 Fedaykin