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  1. Usual disclaimers apply. First and Only will not accept responsibility for you getting arrested. All of which we discuss here has not yet been tested in court and as such is uncertain until precedent is set. If in doubt, don’t do it! Terminology VCRA – Violent Crime Reduction Act The Act of Parliament which, in particular, restricts the sale of Airsoft guns and is the subject of this discussion. RIF – Realistic Imitation Firearm A realistic replica of a firearm, such that only an expert could distinguish it from a real firearm. Most standard Airsoft guns fall into this category. IF - Imitation Firearm A firearm shaped object which could easily be distinguished from a real firearm by the virtue of its size shape or colour. A two-tone Airsoft gun comes under this category. UKARA – United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association An organisation set up to allow the provisions of the Act to be implemented by UK sellers of RIFs. The Act The VCRA effectively bans the sale of RIFs and restricts the sale of IFs. It was introduced in order to assist the prosecution of those who use replica firearms in the commission of a crime. We are concerned with how the Act applies to us, as opposed to the political reasons that brought the Act into being as it is a complex issue. The VCRA applies to all Airsoft weapons in one way or another. Breakdown • It is illegal to buy/sell RIFs • It is illegal to import RIFs • It is illegal to manufacture RIFs • It is still legal to own RIFs • It is still legal to purchase accessories • It is illegal to sell either IFs or RIFs to under 18s • It is still legal to loan or borrow RIFs from individuals or sites • There is no license to buy RIFs • There is, however, a Defence from prosecution for Buying/Selling RIFs The Defence As part of the VCRA, Airsoft skirmishers were given a ‘Defence from prosecution’, which effectively allows you to buy RIFs, if you can prove you are a regular skirmisher and use them for such at an approved site. It is not a license to buy, but a ‘get out of jail free card’. Site Membership One of the main points to the defence is that must be a regular skirmisher at an ‘Approved Skirmish site’. This is defined as somewhere which holds public liability insurance for these events. To access this defence you must be a regular player at such a site, in order for them to vouch for you. UKARA UKARA is a retailers association which operates a scheme to allow registered skirmishers to purchase RIFs from said retailers. In order to use the scheme you must be a registered member at a site signed up to the scheme (F&O is). To acquire entry to the UKARA database you must; play a minimum of 3 games been playing longer than 2 months be over 18 years of age have sufficient identification to prove who you are (link the face to the name and the name to the address) drivers licence is perfect. You then have a form to complete which is stamped by the site operator to confirm you are regular. You then send the form to a UKARA retailer who inputs it onto the database First and Only can now process this. You can then use your member number to buy your RIF from the retailer. The retailer will only ship the item to the address you are registered at. Two-Tones Two tones are a type of IF defined as being more than 50% painted a bright colour. As these are not RIFs you are able to buy these without UKARA or other skirmish defence. You must still be 18+. You can temporarily cover up the Two-tone IF, while at a skirmish event, but it must not be permanent and you cannot paint over the bright coloured parts. It is slightly unclear as to whether you can paint an IF after you have gained your skirmish defence. This will probably remain unclear until it has been tested in court. Most commentators believe it would be within the spirit of the law however. Non-UKARA & Secondhand Sales For non-UKARA retailers and for individuals the burden of proof is on the Seller to prove that they have sold to someone with appropriate defence. As only UKARA retailers can use their database you will not be able to check it to confirm the buyer is on there. Gifting This has uncertain legality as it has not yet been tested in court. It is believed that it is acceptable for an IF or RIF to be gifted to an individual, as long as no financial exchange has occurred. The person gifting must have come into possession of the item legally of course. Swapping Swapping effectively counts as one RIF being exchanged for another RIF, and as such both parties must demonstrate they are legitimate skirmishers. The same burden of proof requirements exist as for secondhand trades. Importing & Customs You can use your skirmishers defence to import RIFs from abroad. HMRC cannot directly check the UKARA database in these circumstances, although they will occasionally request details from them. It is important to remember UKARA was set up for UK retailers only and has no influence on retailers abroad or the import process. When an RIF is flagged coming through customs it goes to a special team. They will request details from you to prove you have the appropriate defence. They may also send you RIF to a firearms expert to confirm it is not real – at your expense. Once you have provided appropriate documentation the item will be released – certainly with charges. This process can take anywhere between a couple of days to three months depending on how busy HMRC are. Splitting RIFs in two to import This is where a foreign retailer splits a RIF into two or more pieces to bypass customs ( it doesn’t count as an RIF if it is incomplete ), the recipient receives the two parts separately and then reassembles. Firstly this would count as manufacture and would be illegal without the skirmishers defence. Secondly HMRC have stated anyone caught using this method would be prosecuted for importation as it is attempting to circumvent the law. The Airsoft community in general is against such practises as we see it as harmful to our sport and may result in stricter controls. Air Weapons High powered single shot weapons, primarily Sniper rifles, are technically airweapons. This means they are covered by actual Firearms law as opposed to RIF law. This is applied differently depending on the retailer. Some retailers just class them as a subsection of RIF and treat them as such. Some treat them as an RIF, but won’t sell them over a certain power. Some retailers treat them as airweapons and sell them as such (i.e. no skirmish defence, but must be face-to-face sale). Some actually do both i.e. must be face-to-face and must be legitimate skirmisher. There is no guideline as yet, and as with most VCRA aspects will not be clear until tested in court.
  2. The action pretty much stopped at lunchtime this time round anyway, but opinions needed. Some teams seemed to like keeping going whereas some teams pretty much disappeared. Result was some teams came back from lunch to find themselves royally turned over, or Feds waiting in their base for them. Of course some players liked being able to get the jump on people when they had their backs turned. Bear in mind that the saloon/eating place will not be in play in the same way it was last time, but more the split Casino/Saloon idea that has come out of previous games. The eating area of the saloon would be a safezone as far as practical.
  3. For clarification: An Assault Weapon is an automatic SMG, Rifle or Machine Gun. The rules on these need defining and I want players opinions before deciding. In addition to the weapons rules, retricted ammo and in game purchase will be brought in. i.e. we will supply the ammo ourselves and it will be bought in game from the 'Sutlers' (or maybe Saloon). Any AEGS will be mid-cap restricted regardless. Please be open and frank - we need to make these games play as you the paying player want them to play.
  4. Hits and Medic Rules • Whenever a player is hit they will be required to indicate the hit in an appropriate manner depending on how they were hit. Wounded players will drop to the ground and play dead until medical assistance arrives. • The first hit will only count as a ‘flesh wound’ and the player can be healed and brought back into the game, but only by an in-game medical person (Doctor or Alliance Paramedic). The second hit counts as a major wound and the player must be taken to the medical centre for treatment. • You may only call for a medic at this stage and can not indicate enemies, items or objectives to people. • On your second hit you will wait a minute or two till any fire fight is over before removing yourself to the medical centre, so as not to interfere with game play. • If you have been waiting for more than five minutes for medical assistance you will ‘bleed out’ and return to the medical centre yourself. • Body armour does not protect from wounding. • Staff at the medical centre will charge for their services and the amount you pay will dictate how long you are in the Medcentre for. Medcentre staff will dictate who leaves when, so opposing team members do not regen at the same time. Camping outside the Medcentre, to ambush rival players, will not be allowed and lethal force may be employed. • Law enforcement officials may be allowed to collect wounded wanted fugitives from the Medcentre upon their release. Ways you can be hit: • Being Shot Any hit to your person by an Airsoft BB counts as a gunshot wound. This includes being hit on any pouches/bags or accessories you are carrying. The only hit that does not count is to any weapon you are holding. It only takes one shot to be hit. If you are hit by a BB, indicate by dropping to the ground, going ‘argh’ and playing dead. • Grenades Grenades are any form of explosive device used in game – smoke grenades do not count. Any player within a 5m radius of an exploding grenade is hit by it. Generally speaking if you are inside a room when a grenade goes of you are hit. Hard cover (I.e. walls) counts as protection from grenades. If you are hit by a Grenade, indicate by dropping to the ground, going ‘argh’ and playing dead. • Knife kills Any bladed weapon can be used for a knife kill. To achieve a knife kill simply tap the blade onto the shoulder of the victim and whisper ‘knife’ to them. The wounded player will simply drop to the ground as per standard rules. Stunning A stun hit as per variations below is where a non-lethal hit is taken. Unlike actual weapons a stun hit does not count as a flesh wound/hit and do not require a player to return to medical centre.. Players will drop to the ground as if knocked out. The player can be healed in the usual manner if a doctor/medic is available. If a player has been waiting 5 minutes without a medic they can ‘wake up’ and resume play. Karate Chop Similar to Knife kills. Any player with a non-bladed mêlée weapon or just using their hand can stun by placing it on their victims shoulder. Stun guns Stun guns are Nerf type foam firing guns with none-solid projectiles. Being hit by a stun gun counts in the same way as a stunning hit made by hand. Sequence of events for hit player: • Player is shot • Player drops to the ground • Player waits for medic character to heal (waits 5 minutes before bleeding out) • Player is hit again • Player drops to the ground • Player waits for firefight to cease then (with hand in the air) heads to med centre Reavers No specific teams have been assigned as Reavers. Players with downtime or no plot points to deal with will be assigned to play Reavers. Reavers are berserkers who will chase any moving target, kill using their hands and take multiple shots to down. Reavers use a variation on the zombie rules. • Reavers kill by placing both hands on the shoulders of their victims • Victims follow standard hit rules when attacked by Reavers • Reavers cannot talk • Reavers will take multiple shots to kill or can be temporarily stunned. Bladed weapons will work on Reavers • Reavers have no healing ability and once dead will return to their start point. The player involved will then be returned to the med centre to be healed back into game. Capturing Players and Arrests Players can be captured by opposing teams. This can happen either if the captor heals a dead player from an opposing team, or if they manage to get their opponent to surrender (i.e. sneak up behind them and ask them to surrender). Captured players will keep their weapons and equipment, but are honour bound not to use them until released. If they are hit they react as normal. If their captor(s) are hit then the prisoner is released. Captured players will normally be taken to their captors base for 15 minutes unless they are a major character/mission objective. Some players can be arrested by either the Sheriffs Office for criminal offences, or by the Alliance for terrorism and crimes against the state. Arrests will happen in similar ways to being captured. Some factions may accept bribes for the release of prisoners. Some prisoners may require a breakout. Prisoners are honour bound to remain in their jail cell unless released. Weapons In the interests of safety, eye protection must be worn at all times. Full face protection is recommended. As part of your welcome pack you will be issued a pair of safety glasses if you do not have any. As this is the Firefly universe almost anything goes, so you can be as ancient or modern as you desire. • Most players will be restricted to Pistols, Shotguns or Single action rifles only. Only Federal Police/Alliance Mobile Infantry are allowed ‘Assault’ weapons. •All weapons are restricted to semi-auto only • FPS limits are 350fps with 0.2g BB maximum, for automatic weapons. • FPS limits are 500fps with 0.2g BB maximum, for bolt action single shot snipers. • Single shot snipers are restricted to a 20 yard minimum engagement distance and cannot be used indoors. • Knives and bladed weapons must be fully flexible and have no sharp edges or points. Mêlée type weapons must be fully foam or soft rubber and be flexible. Any bladed or mêlée type weapon must be wielded with minimal force and cannot be thrown. •Nerf type stun weapons must be 100% foam and incapable of being fired with any force. All weapons will be checked before use. Any player found breaking safety rules in game will be asked to leave. Ammunition • All Players may start the game with loaded magazines. • Any subsequent reloads must be bought from the sutlers (or possibly saloon) for in game cash • Alliance/Sheriffs will be given an allowance for their ammo dumps. • All pyro will be bought as per normal Duelling Players can challenge each other to a Duel after-hours. This may be in retaliation to an insult or a crime against the challenger. Duellers will proceed to the Town Square, where a Sheriff will preside. The Sheriffs office will equip the players with Duelling pistols to ensure a fair fight. Duellers will take position back-to-back, weapons holstered. To the Sheriffs count they will walk ten paces. On the ten count the players may turn and fire a single shot. Both players can be killed in the Duel and the ‘flesh wound’ rule does not apply. If the players miss they can either agree to discontinue or try again. A maximum of 6 shots may be taken. Money, Items, Robbery Small amounts of in game money will be issued to each player. Each gang will get a large sum for doing deals and offering bribes and rewards. Certain characters will be issued amounts as payment for specific jobs. Cash will be used to pay for medical services, gamble, get paid for individual jobs, buy ammunition. Cash can be used by individuals to bribe law enforcement, bounty hunters or rival captors. Various objects in game are objectives for each team. Objects can be captured, stolen, bought and sold. Any player carrying an objective. must drop the objective where they are hit, when they are hit. Wounded players cannot hide the objective, but must drop it where they stand, in plain sight. Dead bodies can be looted for items and objectives, but not personal cash. Same rules apply for mugging players. Gold counts as an objective, not cash. Safes Safes are visibly identifiable as safes and can only be opened by the designated keyholder/owner. Safes can only be opened by non-keyholders if they blow open the safe, or they are given the combination by the keyholder. To blow open a safe a designated TNT explosive must be used – this is not a normal ‘blasting cap’ pyro. To use the combination the non-keyholder will be given a ‘combination card’ by the keyholder. This cannot be stolen off the keyholder, but could be stolen off the recipient. Security Zones Security zones can only be entered by designated personnel. Non-designated persons can only enter these areas if escorted by an authorised person, or if they acquire an access keycard. Prisons Prisons are only accessible by Sheriffs or Alliance personnel. Other characters can access these only with the assistance of the law, or if they use designated TNT explosives. Any prison break using TNT will result in the wounding of the prisoner. All prisoners will be honour bound to remain in their cells until released. Contract Law The essence of contract law is that indentured men cannot simply turn on their masters without retribution. Individuals contracted as hired guns are required to remain in the employment until either the contracted time period is up or the specified job is completed. They cannot terminate their employment half way through a contract without surrendering their payment and formally closing their contract with their employer. Bounty hunters are required to follow law enforcement rules of engagement and request surrender before opening fire. Bounty will be paid on delivery of character. Spies are considered non-combatant for their own faction unless they publicly reveal themselves. I.E. a spy cannot open fire on the faction they are working with without revealing their real allegiance first. Spies can be double agents if they reveal their nature to the rival team first. All teams will have identifiable colours or uniforms which establish which faction is which. If an independent is contracted by a faction they will adopt that factions colour. Spies will take the colours of the faction they are spying on, unless they have been revealed and are now operating in the open.
  5. No-one got out alive... Pictures can be found here: http://www.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/venue/anzio/gallery-zombie-survival-anzio-22nd-january-2012/
  6. There was snow! And some airsoft. But mainly snow
  7. somone said they lost a p90 mag - found today, I have it
  8. we just need to specify a date and we'll be up and running
  9. don't forget zombies can still sign up
  10. Please can everyone ensure they sign up for games in a timely manner. It is not helpful if you sign up the night before, especially if you want hire equipment. Also can everyone please make sure they do sign up as there have been incidents recently where 20+ extra players have turned up unexpectedly.
  11. Map

    Hope so!
  12. Unfortunately this event is cancelled If anyone has booked in/paid esposits you can either get a refund or teransfer to the Zombie Day event at Bolton on Sunday 12th February
  13. We're lookingto transfer this to the weekend after - more details will follow asap
  14. 1 survivor place left!
  15. 1 survivor space left globex is over subscribed - will work it out in morning but think DanH was last in technically SRR spaces left but some signed in for globex may be transferred to them
  16. This is Anzio on 1st April
  17. http://www.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/venue/anzio/gallery-zombie-survival-anzio-22nd-january-2012/
  18. tbh I expected you to actually hold out a lot longer both at the pub and at the armoury and I cut it shorter than it was meant to go on for
  19. A few thoughts on zombies and running. I dont think im going to have running zombies at all - while zombies were having difficulty chasing down humans to begin with, once we'd got them organised and they learnt how to ambush it was less of an issue. Also looking at the final game it might have gone better for the survivorss if zombies couldnt constantly charge them. at most i think a sudden lurge at targets in range is all thats needed. Also i dont think zombies will change their agression as the game goes on - i'll find a medium level that can be maintained and so while survivors will probably find initial levels harder, the last level/last stand should be actually survivable.
  20. That was actually happening just took the zombie squads a game or two to get organisied. working on that - more fetchers and carriers and more props will help there - also better prop identification i.e. specific coloured glowsticks and labels ammo limits are there purely to add a realistic feel and increase the tension in the game - moar adrenaline am better. with that in mind i want the games to actually be survivable so you do actually have a chance and so ammo limits will never be too restricted, or if they are there will be more reload opportunities. one other point i should make is that games will vary between all out survivor games to special forces zombie hunting and so a range of rules and difficulties will be played.
  21. as soon as but there will be loads of them so will takes ages
  22. One of the things we will be more strict with is ammo limits and aquiring ammo in game. My mid and long term plans involve us supplying first all the ammo players use and eventually all the weapons players can use.
  23. Right guys we are having a full day of zombie action on sunday the 22nd of January at anzio I am not going to give away too many details as of yet but the games will start at 12 and run through to 6pm This game is single shot only and there will be ammo limits, all players must only use pistols and shotguns NO AEG'S ALLOWED. Survivors £35 - 50 places FULLY BNooked Zombies FREE- unlimited SURVIVORS - Fully Booked To secure your place for this event as a survivor you need to pay a deposit of £10 via Paypal to [email protected] Your name will then be added to the booking thread ZOMBIES no need to pay a deposit just add your name to the booking thread below More details will be released in the coming days but places will go very quickly of this so if you want to come get your deposits in quick Cheers Bibby ZOMBIES 1) Sean 2) Andy C 3) Petes 4) Chazza 5) Boodster 6) Dane 7) Lewis b 8) Ben James 9) Jason haywood 10) John paul Bradly 11) Liam harrison 12) Pete 13) adam 14) Thomas Moore 15) PsychoB 16) Lee 17) Mathew 18) Steve gifford 19) Edward Dodd 20) Lu owen 21) Steve gifford 22) Phil freeman 23) Jason heywood 24) Andy greeny 25) Wolfy 26) Hitachi 27) Wes
  24. sticky tape it to your head