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  1. Going on Saturday, can't wait now. Thanks for the video it makes the site look awesome.
  2. Hi everyone, It's been almost a year since I last came to an F&O game, and almost five months since I last played a game. 'Real life' has kept me away, but I want to change that and get back into the swing of things. I've missed it, and I've missed the F&O gang, so I've booked myself into the game at Anzio this coming weekend, and I hope it'll become a regular thing again. What have I missed? Has there been any major changes at F&O that I should be aware of? Allowed/Disallowed items, rules changes, etc? Thanks guys, and I'll see some of you on Saturday. Cheers, Dan
  3. Cheers Jamie, good to know. See you guys whenever I can get to Anzio.
  4. The best points I can give you... - As Jamie said: Boots with good ankle support - airsofting in trainers is a bad idea and not worth it. It's slippery enough in boots! - Always listen to the marshals - if they tell you to do something - do it, even if you don't get why. Wonder why later. The marshals are there to ensure you have fun and leave in one piece at the end of the day. - Don't be afraid to get stuck in, ask questions, talk to other players, etc. We were all new once! Airsofters tend to be very friendly people, and even the other team will often help you if you are struggling. Now one very important one: Listen to the safety brief in the morning. It might be exciting to get out into play but the safety brief is there to keep you happy, safe, and having fun. Most importantly of all... HAVE FUN!
  5. Anton, I don't believe it was you who I had a word with. You were on the Yellow team I think. The chap I spoke with was on the Red team. Still, everyone makes mistakes, it's what we do afterwards that counts! Glad everyone had a good day, I know I did! Managed to get a surrender kill with my new gas blow back ACR, which was nice. I did try to shoot the player beforehand but got a dead man's click - then he got closer and spotted me, saw me pointing a gun at him and just took his hit. Only afterwards did I realise why my rifle didn't fire - I'd let someone have a shoot of it and they hadn't re-cocked it again afterwards! Luck of the Irish at it's finest!
  6. Genius!
  7. Oh, dat Dazza!
  8. Lol, trust Dazza. That said there was a lot of 'blue on blue' last Sunday. Part and parcel of such an intense CQB site really.
  9. Any and all video we recorded will be uploaded to www.youtube.com/anzioimmortals once it has been edited together.
  10. I can't believe I got 8 kills with a single BFG in the last game! It was very fun running around with a grenade launcher all day, and well worth the trip up to Rochdale.
  11. Immortals booked in and deposits paid. Locked, loaded and raring to go! Gasman Moses Comedy Vulture Socks Psycho Cannot wait!
  12. Always welcome in the general video thread too.
  13. First I heard about anyone making underhanded comments about you, you can be assured I'd have taken the involved parties aside and spoken to them sternly and quietly to warn them that we don't accept discrimination at First and Only. Not that I'm a marshal, but that doesn't mean I'd be willing to stand by and let people make derogatory comments about their fellow airsofters. On a more positive note, on the odd occasions we played side by side you and your mates acquitted yourselves well, wouldn't have guessed it was your first time.
  14. Took me a while but here it is:
  15. First video from the night - more to come.
  16. Awesome day, had a great time running my new VSR 10 and pistol all day. All play was fair, very little in terms of issues, loved it. I've got a lot of video footage from myself and Moses, I'm working on some at the moment and I'll link it once it's uploaded.
  17. Awesome day, was nice to use the SCAR H SSR for a day. Thanks to Eric for the full re-wire on it, it's working brilliantly now, and at a consistent 300-305fps every time. Some great play from both teams and it was wonderful to see the Immortals back together in force for the first time in months, as well as some old friends again.
  18. Depends on the site, and if you will be renting a gun. I know the F&O Midlands sites have an online booking system but with the amount of no-shows a deposit system is useful to secure your spot in limited place games and also keeps the time wasters at bay. I believe only Rental players need to book online for the Northern sites, again to secure their spot due to a limited number of rental guns available on site each game day. I am sure one of the marshals will be along shortly to better explain the intricacies of it, but the above is basically how I understand it. TheGeneral - this is your cue mate!
  19. Wait... but that means... the A-Team were GEARDOS!
  20. We need some way of suspending the Landie half way through flipping onto it's roof and take photos with... lets say Dazza and Harrison leaping clear before the inevitable explosion. Too much..?
  21. And Chunky in the drivers seat shouting "I PITY THE FOOL!"
  22. That's because Anzio Camp is everyone's answer to the question "WOT AM BEST SITE?" Great day, though not my best I'll be the first to admit. Spent more time in the safe zone tinkering with my kit than I did out in the field. Spent most of that getting shot about 2 minutes out of regen, over and over again! Yellow team did a brilliant job of whooping us reds for most of the day, well played and well deserved victory. See you all at the next one! There should also be some pretty epic photos coming from Dazza's camera - I had a look at a few and they were awesome.