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  1. How about an obstacle course or something I between games? Shoot the targets, not the civilians, crawl under this, climb over that, timed, recorded, etc something like that? Make a competition out of it? On the drill grounds at say lunch?
  2. Nice footage, shame about the second ones odd spots but still some good footage overall
  3. Link?
  4. Pretty awesome day, shame my battery charger died the night before, so I had no power for my AK, but going shotgun all day, wasn't actually to bad, kind of enjoyed it. Good game play from both teams, especially the yellow that held up like 15 - 20 reds in the pub Any piccies?
  5. When I last attended Anzio, I found that the large tree at the base of the hill going up to the magazine, had like an umbrella effect, any body could stand up straight around the trunk, as the branches came down on the edges to touch the ground, if you throw in some sandbags around this edge, and maybe some old unused tables/chairs ammo boxes etc, it could become an awesome little outpost either used for general gameplay, or an objective. It'll add some new atmosphere to the urban and wild terrains already there
  6. Brilliant day, one of my best, killed so many players by chilling inside bushes infront of D4, and later on by the med block, good sportsman ship and great games, There were issues about hit taking, some people also didn't say they were hit, so I ended up putting more bb's into them and getting abuse for it because I didn't hear them say hit, either they whisperd it or thought I could mind read as these happened mere feet away from me, But overall a fantastic day
  7. So yeah those pics?
  8. Yeah it worked, cheers
  9. Sweet, cheers buddy,
  10. Still no pics or more footage?
  11. Brilliant day, warmer than we expected so sleeves where up Enjoyed it as I always have, very little gameplay issues if any at all, got shot from a few inches away to my face got a lovely bruise to show, but I'm not that fussed can't wait until next time.
  12. fantastic photos mate, some cracking ones of me and my buddies, and i was loving the that jig you did buddy
  13. http://www.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/venue/anzio/gallery-anzio-15th-september-2012/ Found these on the F&O Facebook group
  14. In my case, was a fantastic day, absolutely loved it, I got plenty of kills with my AK (which was eyed up like a hot girl in a short skirt by guys seeking a gun) I especially lived the ambushing of the reds at the start of the second game, opened up a few seconds after game on and got 12 reds walking up the road in just under 1min Loved the pistols Vs AEG game, couple of sweet Shotty kills, and I found the bomb after the whole team literally walked past it in the corridor Marshals were great and had very little to no issues with game play Cannot wait for any photos to be uploaded aswell as the next game