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  1. Even though I was still suffering from a cold, I managed to get there, the adrenaline soon kicked in and the cold was overcome until i got home (sob). Great day, no issues at all, which considering the numbers is amazing. Saw a lot of smiling faces all day, I enjoyed the hill battles as well despite my run in with red ants and got some cracking kills... mind you I was killed alot more than i got Even though it wasn't planned the strange power outages from minute to minute added a nice edge tot he game. One minute you are sneaking up a corridor in pitch black, the next you are lit up out in the open, nice. Well done to Badger who managed to capture the enmemy HVT and escort him back single handed at the end of the game
  2. Great day, one of the best Ive had for a while. Hit taking was great and its always great to battle in the dark and dank The game moved outside into the woodland which was also great and gave me chance to try out my funky lemon/lime Russian camo KLMK pyjamas that did nothing to stop the pain of the bbs LOL Roll on the 27th!
  3. only one, you know who you are. Hope all is well?? eek. Yeah I'm good, I did have my face mask on me, just pulled down while I allowed my glasses to defog, learning curve LOL. Just remember, someone like me is always out there, so stay in cover! Was a good shot, didn't see where you were tbh, was too busy shooting at a guy in the big bush, so as far as I could tell the only target I was exposed to I was suppressing.
  4. Put me down please, own kit and meaty
  5. Me please, own kit. Meat.
  6. Newsletter says there is a night game in November, but gives no details. Any date?
  7. Put me down please, own kit.
  8. I had a great time (again). Only suggetsion I can make is to paint the low ramp in the basement white so it stands out a little against the concrete :oops:
  9. lol, just a relection :mrgreen:
  10. Another great day in the Tunnels
  11. sounds good to me :mrgreen:
  12. Great game, played as a Zombie and it hurt! But was fun :mrgreen: The look on some of the players faces
  13. Ive booked in via Facebook
  14. Was a fun day, sun, rain and plastic! Enjoyed all the games, saw no real issues with a good standard of play from what I saw, had a classic medic from enemy player allowing me to wipe out a certain unit sorry lads it was too good an opportunity to pass up :mrgreen:
  15. put me in for this please :mrgreen:
  16. Really good day, good control of the play by the marshals. I think the regen worked well, centred at one point and players moved out of play to new locations to respawn. It kept the game flowing and gave a nice balance to the game. I really liked the new medic rules, I even liked the 1st game medic rules even though I was standing for 15 mins, I thought it really added an extra dimension to the play. I can see why the revised rule would be more appropriate for a n open day though. I cannot believe how much the bracken has grown!
  17. I'll be there, own kit.
  18. Fun day, nice and up close, no issues at all, friendly and honest play from both sides :mrgreen: Sorry about the teamm kill to Felix and Gaz :oops:
  19. i'll be there :mrgreen: