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  1. Course you can mate. And welcome to first and only.
  2. As far as I'm aware you just have to do the whole form over again using the same number that you have.
  3. A standard hello to you! Mate, you'll have a great time. Make sure you bring good solid footwear, and if we're experiencing weather like this, loads of water. Better too much than too little, people will be appreciative in game if you've got some to share. As long as you have an open mind, and get involved with whatever part of the game is going on near you, you'll have a great time. Most people come on their own, so a lot of people tend to talk to people they don't know. A good ice breaker is to ask about someones gun, where did they get it, what model is it etc. Have fun, and prepare to no longer have any money.
  4. I like your windows idea. It'd really change the gameplay around the site and in buildings. Not too difficult to do and change either.
  5. The vast majority of guns can be made to fire over 350 in the right conditions. That doesn't mean we wouldn't sell them, or they can't be used (if under limit). As The General says, it is up to the owner to ensure they are under. Running that ruger on 144a would ensure that.
  6. Hey arlins, good to see you back. Hopefully see you when the hive opens. Chris.
  7. Provisional would be fine for your photo id, then you need proof of address, bank statement or mobile bill.
  8. Bring those dates with you on your next game day along with a UKARA form filled in, proof of address and id and you can get signed up at lunchtime. We class regular players as those that play 3 or more games a year, so those dates are fine.
  9. Normally they ask for it to be done at lunch time before everything is packed away. It needs to be done in person, so next game day. Unless Martin is able to stamp it at the shop on the site owners behalf, but you'd have to give him a ring to find out. I'm sure if you are buying stuff off Martin it would be of mutual interest to get it stamped for you.
  10. Hehe, indeed.
  11. Edd1, I'd be amazed if you wanted to leave after half a day as it is so quickly addictive. If you want to buy a RIF then what better use for said RIF than shooting other consenting people?
  12. Yeah, you should be on the system still and they can sort the clash of numbers.
  13. I've got two hello kitty dolls you can have. Only lightly soiled. Welcome to the forum.
  14. PM Bongo-old-chap just to check that he'll have the UKARA stamp with him, as the last thing you want is for him to forget.
  15. Keep it legal guys, this post could too easily go down the how to get around UKARA route. Basic answer is that once you are a regular player and well known by your local site operator a shop can phone them to verify a skirmishers defence. UKARA is just a system that allows people a method of proving they are a regular skirmisher. Topic locked to avoid inevitable UKARA circumvention techniques.