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  1. Not sure if this is still the case but some clarity around full/semi auto and grenades would be useful Full/Semi Auto: My current understanding is thus - if you are outside a building and are 16ft away you my engage windows/doors etc on full auto. Once you close to 15ft you must switch to semi auto. If you are defending the building from the inside e.g. in a window, back in a room etc then as long as your target is more than 15ft away you may engage on full auto. If you are outside of the building however, with your back against the structure for example then you have to be on semi auto even if your target is more than 15ft away. Beyond being convoluted, it could potentially promote castling. Grenades - 15ft/whole room kill radius except for hard cover/defilade. Does the 'whole room hit' still apply to rooms that are significantly larger than 15ft? Specifically the areas around the bars in Embassy/Pub and the dorm blocks in the D buildings which are effectively two adjoining rooms. I wouldn't expect someone to take a grenade hit from something that went off 20ft away but was technically in the same room, more so if there isn't a line of sight to the thing going off.
  2. Think you’ve misinterpreted, at Asylum if I recall, eye protection can only come off once you enter the safe zone building. Compared to Anzio (not sure if you’ve been so apologies if this is patronising), the safe zone effectively starts where it is separated from the live area by green netting, as this also marks the start of the secondary car park, leading to the hangar and primary car park you have this intermediate area between the netting and hangar where I wouldn’t say people are more likely to tit about, but I could understand why someone would feel more vulnerable without eye pro in that area vs when in the hangar.
  3. Fun day all in, think I passed most my comments onto Sam during the day and there was only one borderline incident which was reported at the earliest opportunity. If there was a highlighted mission of the day for me it would have probably been the landmine defusal one as it had an air of teams trying to avoid each other while seeing what each one was up to which gave a constant sense of tension as the low numbers forced a bit of a spread of players. On the topic of videos, might be sticking my neck out here but I don't think videos should be used in a 'I'm proving I am right' or 'Look at this person blind firing' manner. I think the most mature use of footage of poorplay was by someone who had uploaded it as a private link and gave this to staff. If I want to watch videos highlighting poor play then I'll look at something from the states.
  4. Some people travel a fair distance to get to Anzio and some people aren't a fan of playing all day in the rain (which is fair enough, ultimately) and on top of that some people prefer short start stop games and the longer battle day events can take their toll on people physically and mentally (ref my points about probably capping the length of games to the 90-120min mark) I believe the 1500 break was just to let people reorg and let the staff sort out the next game which as we know was unfortunately cut short due to the cease fire in D4.
  5. Well this was the first time back out skirmishing in a while and as I said to Sam I was genuinely impressed with what he was trying to do with the day and that I think more days should be ran in this format to drive a higher level of gameplay. From the mafia perspective, by having a commander/lead marshall as it were in charge and your regen relatively close to your base it was very easy to 'check in' with what was going on and this allowed you to feel as if you had some sort of purpose within the game. I felt that people were being used reasonably well in that while I had initially elected to goal hang as close protection, I was eventually rotated out to go on some perimeter sweeping missions so I can only assume this was happening with others. Another highlight was splitting down the team into CP group, drugs retrieval, gold retrieval etc as I felt this kept meat grinder type encounters to a minimum e.g. not having 80 guys in a building being assaulted by 80 people. I got the feeling that the 'report in' element of the brief wasn't fully taken onboard across the team which hindered directing of our forces and while I liked the longer running scenario, I think they need to be trimmed down to 2 hours max as people begin to lose focus/enthusiasm - I remembering thinking at the time that if people are getting soggy brained at the 90 minute mark then they'll be completely off brief 2.5 hours in. Overall, a highly enjoyable return to skirmishing. Roll on the 26th.
  6. I quite enjoyed the faster pace of the games and deathball was a laugh though it's clearly a pistol rig only game unless you're an American footballer. The ball definately needs to be a skull though The differing levels of lighting on each of the floors places a welcome demand on snap shooting ability and I'm glad I chose to wear my 'head cage' as I took a fair few rounds to the face/neck region but with helmet/goggles/mesh/high collar you don't really feel anything. Only one 'odd' incident which you dealt with Sam and my position on that was a very "Wait, what, oh. If you say so". Wasn't something I dwelled and my confusion stemmed from assuming the player who shot me assuming I had ignored his previous shot when I had been medic'd between him shooting me, him moving, then seeing me and a buddy moving together after I was brought back into the game. Went a bit cake and arse at the time but as you saw it wasn't exactly the usual cheat calling shouting match. The only real negative I can think of was the game which had one laptop on any of the floors. It seemed to have been understood by everyone on the red team that there was 1 laptop per floor that we had to move. This may have been a case of half of us starting to get a bit fatigued and the other half paying attention and a bit of chinese whispers going on in the 2 minutes between briefing and game on so really it's more of a players issue there. Favourite game was probably the "3 parts to a bomb, secure and move after 2 minutes part at a time" game. You could make that utterly evil by having to retrieve the items from the area back to the respective teams stairwell, taking it upstairs then pushing it through to the other end of the room - at which point the defending team on the ground floor can start coming up behind the attacking team. I might write that up to explain it as it can become one of those epic last stand type games.
  7. Thoroughly enjoyable day - enjoyed working with some of the Wildcards, especially on the run up to intercept the opposing team's messenger to that side's QRF. Funny moment of the day was after trogging back to regen to find everyone sitting about and having overheard something in the field suggest we ought to make a more organised defence...after a few minutes of musing and joking about how a 'stand to' would be met with a 'fack off' I noticed 3-4 bodies skulking in the bushes above the bogs...so I give them a bit of a rinse...a panicked tsunami of plastic riddles goes in after my fire from everyone else. Needless to say I don't think anyone trying to recon us actually survived.... Only major downside to the day for me was finding I lost half the footage I recorded as I hadn't checked if the card was clear from the last time I had it out. One final thing, you might want to feedback to TLSFX that they've goofed what I think is called fastmatch in the smokes, had a total of 6 out which all failed to ignite, out of a box of 50 that's a 12% failure rate which would be enough for me to be going "Oi" to a supplier in my day job.
  8. Had a really good day all in, some squiffiness here and there but testosterone, ego and heat all running high it's to be expected. I appreciated the gradual build up into the more complex scenarios by lunch. Highlight(s) of the day were probably the 2 precision grenade throws particularly in the last game - shot somebody, moved foward, returned fire at someone who then falls back into the bush, rather than persue into open ground I throw a grenade and the person who fell back emerges from a bush what looked like 5foot to the left of where my grenade went in - only thing that was missing was a comedy 80s springboard jump out the bush Note to self for next time, don't be lazy and bring the bloody camelbak.
  9. First swaray back into airsoft in 7 months, feedback as follows: 1) Timing and briefings Huge improvement here - I was pleasantly surprised to be getting harried out the safe zone for the 0930 safety brief and that it was wrapped up by 0955. The only criticism I would air is that there is a line between something being 'ghey' and 'gay' being interpreted as a derogratory slur which depending on the sensitivites of those present may well have been crossed as there were some mutterings about this. One thing about the safety brief - I believe there was an omission about shit rooms and friendly fire. On getting around the site I had noticed some of the mine tape had fallen off doors or had simply been ignored as I had one player comment to me that they had been in a room full of junk in a search. Perhaps a more permenant solution could be red x-ing doors that are no entry? 2) Gameplay - Briefs All good, I have to admit on my part not being entirely switched on during some but I was able to get the gist from fellow players. Also really enjoyed the fact that building searches were exactly that, searches. The day didn't feel meat grindery at all as I got the feeling the games were designed to split the teams into smaller blobs to search multiple sites rather than bringing everyone in on one or two buildings. 3) Gamplay - Player POV I didn't notice any overt non hit calling however I did pick up on 2 instances of friendly fire not being taken which I didn't comment on at the time as it took a few seconds for it to sink in what I'd witness by which point play had moved on and in both cases I was due to head back to regen. I had a gut feel that what was happening in a few instances was on taking someone out and it being a 50/50 where we were both hit, the person I hit was waiting a few seconds after my arm was already up to see if anyone was going to appear behind me before calling their hit. Almost like a delayed reverse powerplay. This was reported. Another thing that I noticed in game was an instance of being medicced and the person medicing me returning fire while still counting - again this may have been a combination of new player and it not being mentioned in the brief. All in all I enjoyed the day and I think that there has been much improvement since the last time I played at Anzio. Really need to work on my skills/drills though as I got shot far too much from stupid things.
  10. Squiffy one... Generally speaking as I don't have the full knowledge that Vintorez does (I'm sure he'll clarify when he can), you have to do your qualifying games within a 12 month period. So, if between May 2012 and May 2013 you played 3 games you would qualify for UKARA registration. As to proof of going, ideally you should have a copy of the UKARA paperwork with the dates you've attended so far on (I know 8-9 months is a long time to have a bit of paper floating around for). This is where you may need to ring someone and ask nicely if they could do some digging on your behalf if you don't have any other confirmation of going to a game accessible.
  11. It's fine for you to use and own it. The legislation only affects the person selling or passing on the RIF i.e. "Prohibits the sale, manufacture or import", so him giving you a sprayed two tone and using it is perfectly legitimate. As for getting stopped by police, UKARA registration has absolutely no bearing or relevance. Your site membership and a copy of your booking/site manager contact details would be more helpful in provided 'good reason' to having a RIF in your boot/on your person. Of course, not getting stopped in the first place is better than having to justify your business.
  12. Your best bet rather than asking an open forum where everyone morphs into a legal consultant is to ring the manager of whatever site it is that you want to attend and simply/clearly explain your situation and go from there.
  13. RIF - Realistic Imitiation Firearm e.g. a 'normal' airsoft gun that requires you to be (at minimum) a verified member of a site to be able to purchase. IF - Imitation Firearm - as far as airsoft is concerned, this is a RIF that has been painted 51% an unrealistic colour aka 'Two Tone' where the only requirement to purchase is being over 18. AEP - Automatic Electric Pistol RPS - Rounds Per Second RPM - Rounds Per Minute. A: Amperage or Amps - usually referenced when talking about the power output of batteries or the energy demand of a gun. Ah: Amp hours, measurement of battery run time, similar to mAh with less zeroes e.g. 3000mAh = 3Ah. C: Coulomb, usually seen when talking about lipol battery packs e.g. 25C. You multiplay C by Ah to get an idea of a lipols power output e.g. 25C x 3Ah = 75A. SA/FA - semi auto/full auto (SA may also mean single action depending on context) CQB = Close Quarter Battle FIBUA = Fighting in Built Up Areas LBE = Load Bearing Equipment e.g. vests, webbing etc.
  14. For clarity: Ownership of a RIF (gun real colour) bought before Oct 2007: OK Use of a RIF: OK Buying a RIF domestically after Oct 2007: OK as the law is written, however the seller is committing an offence according to the VCRA. It is generally frowned upon within the community for someone to acquire a RIF without having either site/UKARA membership (they are seperate but you usually get one with the other) as the site/UKARA thing is a way of showing you're 'playing the game' in respect to aiding the the case that the community works within the law and only supports 'legal' retailers. Importing a RIF: Bad, unless you have UKARA/site membership Converting an IF (51% painted thing) to a RIF through the medium of black spraypaint: Bad. This is regarded as 'manufacturing', an offence under the VCRA unless you have the same defences that allow a retailer to sell to you.
  15. MP5 may not be to everyones liking but I have to say you've made some pretty darn good choices. The MP5 won't be hugely quietened from it's silencer but the TM Mk23 is probably one of the quietest pistols out there with it's silencer fitted. As for clothing, something you don't mind getting dirty, are comfortable in/allows you to move, is suitable for the weather, allows you to feel hits, doesn't matter if that's a jeans+t-shirt combo or the whole AOR2 shebang.