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  1. Ok guys- Just so everyone knows; As of now all HPA systems (Polarstar etc) MUST have competition locks placed at chrono and confirmed with marshalls and site owners before they can be used on site. Please speak to the site operator for more details
  2. yes there is all bookings via the website
  3. can you please E-mail [email protected] with your Ukara number, name and postcode and he will find out what happened. Thank you
  4. we still have plenty left for anzio
  5. Good day today guys really solid play- new games work well. How did you folks find it?
  6. Epic days play, minimal issues, really solid play from both teams. How was your experiance?
  7. Good day all in all folks- few issues but these were delt with quickly. Unfortunate about the ceasefire but well controlled by marshalls and players alike. The gent involved is ok. How did you folks find the day?
  8. We are starting at 11am and we will be finishing up at about 4-5pm
  9. Thats right guys we have a build day planned on the 17th of October. We will be giving the site a general clean up as well as clearing some of the pathways of foliage, debris etc If you come down and help then you will get a free day at the site in return. Please let us know if you are coming down via this thread or by emailing me at: [email protected]
  10. Awesome day folks, brilliant play from both teams. How did you find it?
  11. Wow- really good day, had a right laugh- in particular trying to defend a room against an invading horde using just a couple of pistol mags and a handful of books. What do you guys think of the site?
  12. Really good day today guys, new games worked well and good play throughout the day.
  13. Great games guys, ATF forces pushing hard in the morning with the Rednecks stepping it up protecting their stock and land really well in the afternoon. How did you guys find it?
  14. Dave is having issues accessing his account- Dave and Nic- two more Wrexham marshalls (its our day out )
  15. Hi Felix, myself and chut (wrexham marshal) should be down for this one