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  1. Could the safety brief be done in the hanger? especially on rainy days.
  2. Great evening, game play flowed and a good attitude from both teams with hits being taken etc.. I liked the game variants and the break down into mini team games. All in all not got a bad thing to say about the night!
  3. Hi

    Thanks guys, i think i'm gonna try and get to Bolton for my first time although both site are appealing. Can't wait to get my first day booked!
  4. Hi

    Hello to everyone, i've been reading up and watching footage of airsoft and i can say i think i've got the bug for it. I've yet to book my first day but i'm unsure which site to book at for my first time. I'm quite lucky to be situated less than an hour from Bolton, Huddersfield and Leek. I'm sure i would have a great time at any of the sites and will prob use them all once i've got into it a bit more, but i was wondering which site would people reccomend for a first visit. (i'm also looking to bring some friends who i want to convert too). Cheers guys!