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  1. Hi guys, Got a map of Anzio labeled up for ya lads! -Dazza
  2. 18+ can wear just eye protection as long as it meets the correct safety standards. However full face protection is always advised mate.
  3. Not gonna lie, the reply says if its more then 350 fps you can't use it. If its less your golden. Pretty clear to me
  4. Welcome to the boards mate! I'd always recommend getting clothing squared away first. Having a black gun is all well and good when you've lost your trainers in swamp and your jeans and shirt aren't quiet winter ready
  5. Nothing handed in as of yet mate.
  6. Already up, on Facebook page.
  7. The shop isn't open mondays so it may not be sorted till tomorrow however some of the staff may be able to do it at home. Someone will let you know when its sorted for you
  8. Possibly not as it was a customers camera. Who knows where they'll end up.
  9. Any sort of Motorola from the XT range. So either XTR XTn or XTi are good bets. Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for in comms. Up until a few months back thats what FaO used since I've been playing and thats 7 years at least.
  10. Thats when someone medics a player without looking who it is first. When you medic them on purpose you captured them and they followed you for 5 mins unless you told them to go back.
  11. No hassle mate, just kinda pointless bringing up an issue if there was no attempt to report it. Thats what marshals are there for, to listen to any problems the players has and act upon it accordingly. Any uncertainties next time dude just grab a marshal and explain the issue.
  12. The rule used to be if you medic an enemy player they must follow your orders (within reason) for 5 mins. Most guys would send the dead guy back to regen unless it was an advantage to them. No escape rules so the captive could just bolt it if no one was watching unless stated. Personally I believe this is how it should still be as it never really officially changed and its a great feature to use in game.
  13. Good idea but the problem is you either have players as VIP's, which means they're effectively out the game until recused or marshals are the VIP's, which if there aren't many marshals it means there are less vested marshals running the game. Makes for more mistakes and less issues being delta with. Having played a VIP role as a player marshall before I was held up in D5 nearly an hour as my team couldn't get to me. That was an hours gaming out of the 2 hours I get during the day. I wasn't particularly happy about that and I'm staff. A paying customer would be far more annoyed.
  14. Don't upload the video mate that's the sort of thing that will get the use of cameras banned on site. We believe you that it happened but ifyou don't tell a Marshall it's too late bringing up now unfortunately.
  15. Didn't you mention the issue about the lad being chrono'd to a marshall?
  16. At any point did you raise the issue with a marshal? The last thing we want is players getting frustrated but when an issue isn't raised its hard for us to deal with it! However I'm glad to hear you had a good day and we look forward to seeing you again hopefully! Side note good edit btw, was it done using GoPro Studio?
  17. As far as I'm aware. Yes. Provided you use the correct size blanks depending on the site and you have an extra safety brief with the site manager after the main safety brief. However I'm guessing Felix or Treebeard will have the exact info you require.
  18. I didn't think any yellows were down that corridor as most went to the one adjacent to it! And yeah mate I sprited most the way from Drama and hid in that room when I heard you getting shot, thought your were behind and coming to medic you!
  19. Few videos from the day. Part 1 Part 2
  20. There was a fair few time the reds were pinned into their regen point too. Couple times I got hit as it was half in the door way and half out! Haha
  21. Link to the photos here guys. -Dazza
  22. Photos from the day are up.