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  1. Please book in Basil Henriques, Ed Hotchkiss, George Fairburn and Sam Caudwell.
  2. Mike, Vince and myself had a great day, we were in the non-banded team, and the reason that they did well in the afternoon was probably due to Mike Vince and myself finishing early, thus negating the handicap we imposed on our team.. Delighted they did so well. I still find the stairs assault a formidable challenge. Excellent marshalling, and superb BBQ'd burger (who was the chef?) Mike says I'm always thinking of something I can eat, of course he's right..
  3. Just booked in Vince Russell, he's also coming with Mike, myself and Rick. Vince is a "newbie"
  4. Mike Henrick, Rick Jones and Basil booked.
  5. Thanks Felix..
  6. Felix, For some reason the on-line form keeps showing this :- Can you book in myself, Mike (Gold) and Rick (2nd time newbie) Please
  7. Is there any possibility of getting the Mesh Full Face Mask Black For #1 son for the Sunday game please. (It's in the on-line shop)
  8. That's a nice update, it's certainly helpful to know how many are attending. It makes it easier to decide oneself. Is there a possibility of an "Outdoor" scenario on the day ?
  9. Book me in please..
  10. Come "Hell or High Water" I'll be there, my usual pedestrian "Mr Blobby" type Rear-Guard. ALL other activites have been put on the back burner this weekend. (Well most of the time consuming non airsoft orientated ones)
  11. Sorry I can't come, I'm elsewhere on Sunday.
  12. I'll be there for sure..
  13. I'll be there..
  14. Please include Basil and Mike (Son)..
  15. Book me in, I'll be there, even though I'll be knackered for the show later:-