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  1. What an EPIC day!!! LOADS of fun, insane moments by the bucketful, and laughs aplenty... Legend of the day has GOT to go to Captain America... EVERY time I saw him, he was sprinting, full-pelt, towards the enemy.... absolute HERO, and well-deserved winner of the fancy dress competition.. Being in the same room as Batman, an escaped Death-Row convict, Chun Li, a Harlequin (y'couldn't much hear HIM coming...lol), a Tiger, SATAN HIMSELF(!!!!) and Michael Jackson (2 separate people, btw), providing covering fire for Kick-Ass, Captain America and a bald clown with a miniature Uncle Sam hat on is a SURREAL experience, trust me...lol walking past a room and seeing "Brian's mum"(??) Medic-ing Bin Laden was up there too, in the list of trippy shit... Special mention goes to Rick, for his awesome safety briefings (best i've heard to date - "if you do this - YOU'RE A DICK!!!, If you do that - YOU'RE A DICK!!!....DON'T be a dick!!!!!"....classic!!(although maybe a SMIDGE dick-heavy??) lol) Seeing my eldest son's face as, he was told that the last "game" of the day was actually "EVERYONE'S gonna be shooting YOU, as you run your Tony the Tiger arse off to the safe zone!!!" was a picture (especially as one of our team decided "Fck it!!" and emptied a Glock 26c on full-auto into his chest(rig) midway through his shock...lol) All in all, an incredible day, more fun than you can shake a flashbang at, thankyou SO much to ALL the marshalls and F&O staff, for coping so well over what must be an exhausting weekend... Gentlemen, I salute you... < And to those who didn't come/couldn't make it...... You don't know what you missed!!!!!
  2. Excellent write-up... Was loads of fun scaring the crap out of you all...
  3. Funniest thing all night was the Zombie who kicked a "Caution" sign on his way out of the embassy, then spent the entire night, shuffling round, moaning "CAAAAUUUUUUTIIIIOOOON!!!!!!".... I'd be shambling through a building, trying to get in character, and I'd be hearing "CAAAAUUUUUUTIIIIOOOOON!!!!!" from a distance, and cracked up, every time...lol the sheer panic when we zombies rushed the government on the briefing area, and the girly screams coming from grown men and women was hilarious (got a Zombie-leg-hump kill, too!! ) Wicked night, even if our entire reason for being there was to get shot...
  4. also book in WAFL Mogwai (Mark Poole - provisional zombie/gremlin hybrid) cheers
  5. WAFL Bog, WAFL Angel, WAFL Chimp WAFL Jaf All Zombies... :twisted:
  6. Excellent videos Magaz!! (I think I might have been the "Bad guy" in the first video, as i did get a fair few kills from my little holding point by the Command Post, popping up like a meerkat with a G36...)
  7. What can I say, guys ?? Bongo, you've done yourself, and F&O proud, once again... Great site, BAGS of potential, excellent marshalling as per, and the different areas of the map lend themselves perfectly to different styles of play... Didn't seem to be any cheat-calling or non-hit taking that I could see, and to echo a few others, the Marshalls complimenting honourable or fair play meant a lot to many people, it seems.. certainly did for me, as it's always nice to get confirmation that others can see you're playing within the spirit of the game, and taking hits that technically, you could get away with not taking.. Funny highlights of the day for me were: 1: getting hit, calling medic, in a crowd of opposing (taped) players, and feeling a hand on my shoulder, only to find a taped player medic'ing me, in front of 2 marshalls, who looked as confused/amused as me... of course, I was duty-bound to shoot his m8 as soon as i was healed, although in hindsight, I should have got a "Judo-chop!!!!" kill on the guy who'd healed me, and then heal him, for fairness sake... and, 2: Seeing my son, who'd run out of ammo, and had no speedloader handy, think "Fk it!!", pull his knife, and do a 200yd charge down the bank near the fort, across a roadway, up the bank on the other side, round a corner, to find 7 OPFOR waiting (although to be fair, only 2 or 3 shot him...lolol) Took some First-but-definitely-not-last-time visitors, and they're all hooked now after an intense and immensely enjoyable day, so will be attending F&O sites again in the near future... And most importantly (to me!), my Wife came with us, along with both our sons, and she can FINALLY see WHY we're always on about airsoft... "If Carlsberg did family days out.........." Cheers guys, EPIC day, can't wait for our next WAFL excursion...
  8. lol... heard you got a knifekill with your fkd hand, too, dude!!
  9. Hi Lordelpus, and thanks... The stuff is new, although I really don't want to say much until I've asked permission from the site owner (like I said, don't want to tread on any toes), but it's something that can easily be branded as F&O, and it's been met with interest from friends of mine who are already into Airsoft... it's NOT hardware, though....lol
  10. Hi All.. o/ First of all, let me introduce myself.. I'm Bog, pleased to meet you all... (the WAFL is an Xbox thing..lol) Second of all, let me say I've never been to a single Airsoft event in my life!! lol (although I'm hoping my situation is about to improve to the extent of being able to attend a few events, probably at Anzio, as I'm from Stoke...) Got a few m8s attending on Apr 3rd (alas, funds prohibit me from coming), and a friend who attended the last Anzio event, and from the sounds of it, this is the absolute pinnacle of live-action gaming, so I can't WAIT to come to an event.. I DO have a question, though, if anyone could help ?? Who do I need to speak to regarding SELLING at Anzio, during the mid-game food break?? My friend says Bibby is the big cheese, but I read in another post that someone else runs the shop... I've got a product I feel is lacking in the Airsoft community, and wouldn't like to step on any toes, or barge in shouting "WHO WANTS TO BUY......????", so I thought this would be the ideal way of getting in touch... Any help appreciated, fellas... Bog... =#0)>