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  1. Lee I'm glad that Morgan is ok. It was me who told the other Marshals to call you in, he didn't want to ruin your game. Typical airsofter lol. As Wayne said we were actually more conserned for your safety while trying to get to Morgan. Anyway and thankfully he's ok and will possibly be a better player for the experience. (he'll appreciate the full face protection rule). I did have a few people complain that things were getting a bit stale and full respect to Sam he mixed up the teams and adjusted the games on the fly which then made for good senaro's. As it was a bit icy in the morning some people were a bit slow as getting about but once the ice thawed out the games ran a lot faster. I enjoyed playing for the red team and the yellows equally. Partly because I end up going at it alone and end up loosing the lads I start with. (Mainly due to deaths and getting cut off) Top day!!! Wooty
  2. I'm glad to read that you all enjoyed yourselves without too many complaints, it's what we aim to do. Hopefully we'll see you guys back again ready and fresh for another days airsofting. It's the most fun you can have in the woods with a group of guys while keeping your clothes on!!! Lol I was only there from dinner onwards but I didn't have much to grumble about. There were a few lads looking like they had gone out of bounds but after chatting with them and advising them why we don't go that far out of the woods they were pretty cool about it. If any one sees anything that's not quite right then please call a marshal over and we'll sort it out ASAP. Even if your wrong it's better to be safe than sorry. Until next time keep 'softing!!! ;-) Wooty
  3. Thanks to all the players for making the task of marshalling an easier one. I personally didnt see any bad game play just slow play at some points. @ James. You know you should've rushed those guys in D5 when you had the chance it would have been mega kudos to you if you did. 1 vs 7 it would've been epic. @ Tank. I hope your ok fella it did look pretty nasty. Hopefully you'll be back down sooner rather than later. Even though you was more concerned about the damage to your shottie. Cheers again Wooty
  4. Ha ha looks like I wasn't the only one who had a really good day then!!! I really enjoyed being a total nuisance to the UN forces by running all over the place and basically not doing as I was told so they'd chase me. My diversion tactics worked well for one of the package movements and nearly 12 guys followed me at one point. I even managed to loose then too by ducking in to D5 through the front door and then straight out the back and over the mound. It was defiantly one of the best game days I've been part of. I also thought that without having any hi-vis marshals made the day play better too. Can't wait for the next one. Maybe the opposition could do with a bit more aggression/leadership but all in all I thought they did well. I managed to get some really good kills and only died once all day which was when we had to defend D2. Cheers to all Wooty
  5. Hi Dazza, For some reason it aint working for me!!! Just comes up as a black screen and nowt else. Wooty
  6. Glad to read that everyone had a good day and enjoyed themselves. As I was on the red team and can't comment on how good the yellows were, only to shoot at lol, I can comment on how the group of reds I was with all played really well together with lots of good comms and team work. All in all another great day up at Anzio. I got some good long range kills with my trusty TM Sopmod which always makes a man smile. And even a few kills with my WE M4 CQB GBB before it decided to play up, damn gas weapons. I enjoyed holding off a group of yellows with my pistol, that is until I cleaned out 4 mags and got shot smack bang on the top of my head. Lol! Can't wait for the next time my leash is slackened by the wife so I can try and repeat what was for me the best Saturday at Anzio I've had in ages. Cheers guys hope to shoot with you or at you again soon Wooty
  7. Turned out well!!! Bongo can I have your autograph??? But seriously it's going on facebook as soon as I can figure out how that is Wooty
  8. I bought two of these not long ago and they look awesome on my M4's ris. (i gave one to my mate) The picture doesn't do justice to the mount as in the metal (not flesh) they look really cool 8-) Much recommended for the CQB'ers out there Cheers Martin
  9. Hi Bongo, Cheers for the Eotech it looks sweet on my M4. I'm well happy with it If anyone is thinking of buying one of these i can truly say there worth the money and will make any RIF look even better than it does already Martin
  10. Do you still have this? I'll take this if so please, add it to the mp5k battery order. Cheers mate Martin
  11. How do Ben! I live in Leigh and play regular at the killhouse (cqb), bolton (woodland), acadamy (cqb) and huddersfield (woodland) Occasionaly i travel to other F&O sites but the ones listed are awesome in their own rights so no need to travel too much. Hope to see you out and around the sites. Martin
  12. Hi Chris, Welcome to the F&O family. You have picked the best 2 sites to use on a regular basis (imho) You also have battle scars, now you'll be fearless Hope to bump into you in one of the safe zones, or on site (no head shots) Martin
  13. does this mean that you both will be in the team, one of you or are you just setting one up??? the two martin's and austin are pondering the possibilitys. we're gonna be at killhouse tomoz so we'll talk properly then. cheers martin
  14. how much did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking? and could you put a photo on as the link you added didn't show it cheers, martin pm me if you like
  15. HA HA HA It was me who surrendered you all. And about 2 mins before that i shot 2 of your team mates from the cover of the trees as i flanked you all with Marv my trusty sidekick. I think he got Chandler as Chandler got him. Then stood there and watched while i mopped up. LMAO!!! Then i managed to get 2 more before Silents mrs (congratulations on the pregnancy) shot me in the balls Trust a woman to aim there!!! I had an awesome day and ''i'll be back'' soon.