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  1. Some great game play from both sides I thought. Particularly good effort from the reds in capturing the bomb and laptops, we definitely 'loosened' it up for you guys though. On the way back to regen after being hit by the Ammo bunker I could also see the reds in D5 (yellow CP) aswell so definitely a bit of command and coordination going on there. Very good. Constructive criticism: I suggest that there should be some kind of 'calibration' in place for the chronos used or at least a few more chronos available to obtain an 'Average Velocity'. A few guys had to take their primaries out of the game due to being hot. The issues were; 1. Out of two chronos one was saying a weapon was under the required FPS limit and another was saying it was over the limit. The differences I heard were that of around 10-30fps, which is a big variance. 2. Some of the owners of the AEGs had used them previously and had never had them chrono hot. Now rightly so, no chances were taken and the AEGs weren't allowed in the game. However, for people paying to play with the kit they brought, I think it only fair that they are given a much fairer service by ensuring the velocity measurement is as true and accurate as possible rather than rely on two potentially uncalibrated chronos. Other than that, quality management and marshalling as always. I'm accustomed to nothing less from F&O having skirmished with them for years. Good effort Priest
  2. What a cracking day that was. Good to see people stick out the adverse weather and remain in high spirits. Red team were definitely the dominant force that day. The speed in which we took objectives was the quickest i've seen yet. Especially the serial involving the scientist, the box of dirtiness and the laptop. No sooner are we stood there with the laptop and the scientist thinking 'okay we gotta go get the box now' than one of the teams comes in with the box! Good communication and teamwork won that day for sure. Thanks to the marshals and staff for making it a good day and for keeping the gaming going throughout the day. Definitely a winning formula. Priest
  3. What a brawl that was! Some quality gameplay and quality marshalling as usual. The sheer number of Reds made for some intense contacts and I think yellows did really well to counter the various offensives that went down. Downsides were mostly the wind which kept up all day, and a number of people not taking hits, but, of course, that's like driving on the motorway and expecting people not to break the speed limit. Good call from Jamie to stay out until lunch, that kind of gameplay works really well. Roll on the 21st! Priest ODIN
  4. poetry in fackin motion my son!
  5. So good he had to post the same thing twice
  6. NIcely put together mate. Good bit of ODIN knocking about on it eh Priest
  7. HAHAHAHA, absolute hats off to you mate, I was the one that shot you when we burst in the room and all you were down to was your knife. Good skills Had a cracking day with the red team and my ODIN posse who rolled through objectives like there was no tomorrow. Massive respect to the two yellows who took my very sneaky knife kill in one of the blocks, can't remember which. Either way, I have no doubt they'll be making sure if someone's hit from now on. Big up to the marshals too who always make sure things run well, although I think the ceasefire call on the last game was unnecessary as the player could have just been evac'd out of the area to allow the game to continue. The new style of game play (staying out till scoff) I think is proving a winner aswell. Overall a great day's skirmishing with some good play on both teams. Till next time Priest ODIN
  8. welcome, and let me be the first to say.........DIDDLY DEE!!! That's right. Priest
  9. What a night that was. It started off all tactical at first. The as the zombies came into the embassy, about 10 of us piled into this little room near one of the exits with everyone going ''shut the door!!!, ''no leave it open, shut up!!!'' I got everyone to calm down and made sure we kept quiet and was certain the zombies would just walk past. We ended up sitting as quiet as we could, all crouched down along the wall, like a bunch of pansies, in this little room, waiting for the undead to walk past. Then a zombie walked past the door and one of the lads nearest the door lost it ''ZOMBIIEEE'' and opened fire. At that point everyone looked at the only exit out of the room....the window... ''f*ckin LEG IT!!'' and about 13 people, all giggling and screaming like girls tried piling out of the same window. Priceless. Unbelievably funny and a quality evening all round with quality players. Priest ODIN
  10. Yep, cracking day as always. Very well organised and marshalled. Think the 'breaking only for scoff' concept works quite well. Some great plays from the red team aswell as my own blues. Priest ODIN
  11. You posin bastards. But yeah, phots would be nice. Priest ODIN
  12. As if no-one has mentioned the red ownage of the ammo bunker right at the end! We all split up. Main force went left of the objective and I took my squad, along with the bomb & techie right round the perimeter. What a mission it turned out to be. Wait out for the full footage on YouTube soon. Search 'scouthedoggie' as he video'd pretty much the whole thing. Good kill from the yellow dude with the remote det aswell. Got me and my oppo on the sneak. Yellows did put up a good fight on the day, just needed a bit of leadership to tighten things up and get people in the right places. Cracking day as always. The new claywheels???? Priest
  13. Cracking day. Had a top bunch of yellows to work with not to mention the regular lads. You know who you are. Some great teamwork and communication throughout with very little cheating. Big thanks to Delta-One for getting us up there and to Glen for the bevvies and scran afterwards. Nice ! Thanks to owners and marshalls for putting on some great games and organising everything. Highlights of the day: Chemical Weapon game, that trek round the back fence paid off eh! Massive kudos to the support teams who kept the flanks of D3 busy as me n the others sprinted through the bottom windows. We would not have done it without you. Soon as we were through the windows, rifles down, pistols out, MK5 in, top floor was ours in 5 minutes. Endex. Remote det kill! Poor lad crouched down at the corner of the wall at the ranges got a face full of pyro as my team were tucked away in overwatch, Result! Fire and manoeuvre up by the ranges was good aswell. We were pinned by the wooden shack, soon as we got our act together and got moving we had the whole ranges taken in minutes and the rest of the field behind it! Getting pinned from all sides by the reds. Can't remember which game it was, but we were in between the fence, the Red regen and D4 I think, got pinned down in and around the trees. Good reactions from my team but good effort from the Reds for pinging us and closing in on the kill. Nicely done! Downside to the day: I didn't have a Systema. (thanks for letting me use yours Jack. I know where my next 3 million pounds is going now.) Lofty, Stink, Glen, Delta-One, Jack, Warlock, Chris, Mark and everyone else who I rolled with but can't remember, you're all legends and look forward to fighting alongside yous again. Priest