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  1. yea we have lol, sorry will move it now.
  2. Hi, Can you book in the ODIN lads again please Jack-Own kit Priest-Own kit Chris-Own kit Perry-Own kit Spike-Own kit Thanks
  3. Hi can you add Jack- own kit Priest- own kit Spike- own kit Perry- own kit Cian- own kit thanks
  4. Any update on the video??
  5. Any update on the pictures or video??
  6. Loving the bit with Priest Stacked up on the side door of the pub, and Perry running to support him and BB's flying everywere, with the music looks amazing!! Again really nice video.
  7. haaa lol bloody HTC it said I havent posted it, so posted it again, not knowing, and now I dont know how to remove it lol
  8. Epic!! Odin pro-mo video lol, Love it!!!! And put together very well Odin Jack
  9. Epic!! Odin pro-mo video lol, Love it!!!! And put together very well Odin Jack
  10. Agreed, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Just would like to see if anybody has any photos from the 29th. "ODIN" Jack
  12. A real epic day!!! One of the best days Airsofting I think I have had in ages! As Iam there nearly all the time since Anzio opened, I think that playing all day and just breaking for lunch was a real Excellent idea, As people were being more careful with there Ammo and just "spraying n praying" as what normally happens when its a hour or two game, It made for some real intense fire fights and alot more "up close and personal" encounters, Especially when attacking or defending buildings, It made the whole day I think alot more Tactical and really made every player be more careful with there shots and not just pumping as many rounds as they can at people and hoping for a hit, Even the new players to airsoft were being careful with there ammo.... which a first in the airsoft world lol, But big Thinks To Bibby and the Marshals and everybody who turned up. "ODIN" Jack
  13. Hi can you add Jack Priest Chris All own kit cheers
  14. Jack Pritchard 18+ own kit Chris James 18+ own kit Both Government forces Give us a chance to use our night vision : )
  15. Just would like to see photos or videos that everyone has to offer from the 20th of August. Because I am sure there will be a few with the surprise that rolled out lol