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  1. Perry Spike Jack Priest Own kit Could do with head Marshall sendin me his number as need a quick chat with him
  2. hey guys just wondering when the photos are goin to be uploaded i did see a marshall running round with a camera thanks
  3. just to politely disagree with ur statement of no shots fired as u had the red turban guy then killed alot of our team guys then me an my mate came from behind the trees and took out ur entire UN team
  4. andy perry - own kit mark evans - own kit priest - own kit jack pritchard - own kit cian carroll - own kit chris james - own kit
  5. absolute awesome very fun and very tactical as most people have said just breaking for lunch and thats it is a very good idea:D no bad points for me thanks ODIN
  6. just wondering if anyone knows were we can find the pictures and the videos form this date? thanks andy
  7. Absolute awesome day not many problems I don't think bar a few incidents of overkill but that was soon overcome by the marshalls I had a lot of kills and I especially enjoyed the game were we had to blow the armoury up all in all a fantastic day Thanks f n o xx
  8. excellent day much better than i expected highlight of my day was the pilot game an i was the last of the red team alive against 20 yellows outside the door :shock: unfortunately i lost but it was still fun :evil: thanks again an will hopefully see you to at anzio on sat