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  1. I just spotted myself, run into the room with my Socom and the Immortals flag at 5.14. got hit just before i got into the room by a red over the other side of the corridor Socks and Big Chris are in the vid too Good footage
  2. having that convoy was epic. especially during the downed pilot mission. me and some other guy in the back of the ambulance with him and getting stopped by the smoke having to have the side door opened was harsh. The inside was just getting peppered with bb's and we were starting to get low on ammo. someone went to throw a thermo at the ambulance and it went INSIDE it. it landed between the side of the ambulance and the downed pilots head, there was a big burn mark up the ambulance and on the stretcher, the back was full of smoke for a little too.
  3. Oh martin..... do you have anything suitable for Mp7 mags?
  4. Was a very good day, no issues from what i'd heard, spent the afternoon running around with the Lsw i got at dinner time shooting away at folks. Go pro footage will be up as soon as i get the camera back to the guy who edits it and he cant be arsed to make a video
  5. Tell me someone was playing the A team theme in the battle bus
  6. all it needs now is a loudspeaker with the A-team theme on repeat
  7. good day overall best bit for me was right near the start of the 2nd game, me and bullet from the Hounds went into D4 facing towards D5 and we saw a shedload of yellows heading up the road and grass towards the magaine and towards us, I waited for a bit then noticed 6 of them were really close to the building so i popped up and hit all 6 of them then started engaging the rest bullet joined me and we kept on firing till everyone nearby was hit. Between the 2 of us we must have taken out at least 12 each. then we went to a room the other side of D4 to get a different angle on some we'd not been able to hit and Damo gets us.
  8. Had a very good day and I got some pretty good camera footage as you can see by the video's in gasmans post.
  9. I've also counted the number of nasty looking hit marks i have, it stands at about 20. including 8 from hits I took during the 3 point game on the killhouse floor from about 2m range ALL in the thighs, and a large group around my right hand side of my ribcage and back
  10. All i can say is OOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! up until the last 5 or so seconds of the last game where i got a good 2/3 of a tooth smashed (Cheers treebeard!) the day was very good
  11. Martin can you get me a Socom silencer, one of the regular metal ones
  12. the khe sahn game of the morning was very good. Decided to use my M16 as a support gun as it has the range and rof to do it. so i took out about 1500 bb's in 7 mid caps and 2 hgh cap mags, by the end of that game i had about 1/2 a high cap left. but the amount of people i hit with them was extremely high. the following game my m16 decided to retaliate on me for the pounding i gave it in the khe sahn and stop working properly, back to martin it went to be looked at again
  13. dan, it was the escalating engagement that we ran into the embassy and attacked the attackers in. ended up hiding in the dark rooms in the embassy with silenced socoms
  14. hehehehehe, sneaky sneaky from me and jack reynolds there stealing your flag first thing on sunday