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  1. Please add... Ged Rodgers,Paul Holden and clive skidmore all are walk ons who eat meat.
  2. Please add.... Ged Rodgers Clive Skidmore Paul Holden All own kit and meat eaters. Ged.
  3. Please add: Ged Rodgers Clive Skidmore Both own kit and meat please. Ged.
  4. Please add Jordan smith,own kit and meat please.
  5. Please add mark English own kit and meat, Ged
  6. Please add clive skidmore,own kit and meat, Thanks ged.
  7. Please add Paul Holden own kit and meat. Thanks ged.
  8. Please add ged rodgers own kit and meat.
  9. Just done the online booking thing for ged rodgers(standard member)and clive skidmore(gold member) Holden will not be attending. Ged
  10. I know use the online booking link! Ged.
  11. Hi please add ged rodgers,clive skidmore and Paul Holden to the list for the open dat on Sunday,all own kit and meat please, Ged.
  12. Please add ged rodgers,own kit and meat.
  13. Please add ged rodgers,own kit and meat please. Thanks
  14. please add Garry Oaks,own kit and meat please Ged.
  15. Hi mate, Please add: Ged rodgers helen oakes both own kit and meat. Ged.