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  1. Hi, I wish to renew my Membership and it's been more than a year, will I keep my old membership number? I am aware that I can renew online via PayPal but proceeding this way, I have no option to enter my existing albeit expired membership number. This is the membership no associated with my UKARA too. When I rang the shop, the polite lady told me that the person dealing with membership is on holiday. Please can anyone give me guidance or help in this situation? It will be much appreciated. Thanks and have a nice day. James
  2. Can I get my membership sorted online through paypal by any chance Jamie? Cheers
  3. Hello everyone, My UKARA I expired last year as I have been away from airsoft due to university and stuff. I'd like to get it renewed along with my membership so I can get back in the saddle with the sport again with the purchase of a RIF I've had my eyes on . Any chance I could get some help with this? Cheers James
  4. Does anyone know when the next Anzio open day on a Sunday will be? I've never been to this site before and can't make Saturdays due to work. A group of us would have come down for the 26th but it got scrapped for the hives opening. Cheers James
  5. haha i know Tweedie, as i walk off i'm actually walking to Rick for clarification and Rick said that yeah technically he got you as the rule is two hands but he also said that it violates the 'don't be a D**K' rule haha
  6. haha that was one of my darkest airsoft moments, I will have my revenge Dave!
  7. Thanks a lot guys! Happy its all sorted now and I'm sorry I put the ukara no. on here. Thanks again
  8. Cheers mate, how would i go about taking it off?
  9. I renewed my membership with first and only on Sunday the 26th August last year at Khe Sanh and the last time I checked my UKARA hasnt renewed with it. My name is James Evans and my . I understand it was a while ago but since I got knocked back when buying a new pistol back in September I kept putting it off to sort it out as for a while I had no time to play Airsoft and since then I just completely forgot. Can someone please confirm to me if it has indeed renewed as now I'm back playing regularly I really want to get another gun. Regards James
  10. Add Ian Ashton, own kit. Cheers
  11. Disgraceful haha alls fair in love and war heheh
  12. how about some specially camoflaged foxholes for jumping up and surprising the enemy for some cheap kills?
  13. how about some rambo style scenario with some do gooders being captured and rambo and the team of mercs have to try and ifiltrate the village as stealthy as possible and if theyre caught then they have say a time limit to get the POWs (or not lol) and make it to the extraction point. they get more stuff in their favour for the next game for the more POWs they can safely rescue. ...just a thought haha
  14. im up for this and think my other mates will be too.