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  1. Please book in Craig Jason Daz Toby Fred Fabio Dunk Greg All own kit thanks
  2. Welcome mate, im the marshall with "hollyoak" on my vest or in game with the small sniper rifle with the biggest scope on it! Or ill be posing for matt lol
  3. WE glocks are slightly bigger than real steel. That said mine fits in the serpa that the mobile shop sells. They do fit in IMI holsters but you have to sand the holster down quite a lot. Also the WE M&P fits in the glock 17 serpa holster!
  4. I like the changing reasons after lunch idea and the team radio freq. Perhaps not on a board for the other team to see though! But on the other hand, listening to enemy coms could make for some great ambushes etc over all some good point imo. And I agree with taking the shelves out of the d buildings, perhaps something for a build day?
  5. Epic but very hot day! Great play all round
  6. What a fantastic day, brilliant play from both sides and not a single issue with hit taking etc. Really good day despite the rain!
  7. Easier to just stand and shout "hey guys, I'm over here"!
  8. brilliant photos!
  9. first time as a marshal and thought it was brilliant. great gameplay from both sides, would like to thank Sam for running the games, i prefer long games as you tend to get into the story better if that makes sense! thanks to all the marshals who help educate us new marshals and to Jamie for inviting us to join the marshals. it was strange watching the games rather than playing in them! cheers guys.
  10. TM hi cappa. brilliant pistol, out ranges my aeg and great accuracy.
  11. awesome day, big thanks to Charlie company for coming down and to all the marshals and Jamie for organising a fantastic day. most fun I've had airsofting yet!!
  12. hi Martin, will you have or can u get any ak's,(pre the ak 74) cyma or otherwise at anzio on Sunday? am desperate for one lol. cheers.
  13. Had a great day with the immortals , got a couple of long range sniper kills only to be shot in the mouth and have a tooth chipped! all in all a great day. Im also a fan of the lower numbers as it forces you to play more as a team ! cheers to Jamie and all the Marshalls.
  14. Absolutely fantastic day. first time up here and i was impressed! Normally play at anzio so was a nice change of scenery for us immortals! Marshals were great and fair play by both sides and some well taken hits from the red team! Thanks to all involved