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  1. Book me on tree. Will book in properly later on when I get home
  2. Booked online now.
  3. Booking on. Will pay deposit to secure tomorrow. Phone playing up so have to get on laptop when I get back
  4. Count me in Tree. Will pay deposit tonight
  5. Definitely a good day. Have always preferred it when the numbers are lower as the games end up being much quicker and there's far less bottle necking on stairs and corridors. Achieving some knife kills at the end during the Alamo was also fun
  6. Count me in Tree. Will also be bringing a mate along. Will book in properly next week. Haven't heard anything back about my membership renewal yet. Can I collect my new card from you on the 30th
  7. Why not. First game of the year. Book me in. Own kit Cheers
  8. Me please Tree.
  9. Now if I could just get hold of a decent PPK
  10. Yeah, it was fun running around in a suit. Actually found it really comfortable and was able to carry everything I needed so look out for more suit action from me soon
  11. Count me in please Tree Vegie & own kit
  12. Book me in please mate. Veggie and own kit
  13. Hi Tree Sorry for the late notice but please can you cancel my booking for tomorrow as not going to be able to make it anymore
  14. I'm in for this one Tree