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  1. Thanks so far to everyone who contributed, and its good to hear that some of the ideas have had universal approval. Perhaps the Marshal's and Owners could consider some of the points too, and provide some feedback of their own. How about Knifing dead players to send them back, and avoid them getting medic'd... you couldn't do this in a fire fight, but it would be an idea if someone is in your room shouting for a medic you could leave them as bait or you could knife them to shut them up and send them packing!!!
  2. Please contribute and respond to your opinions of these ideas and your own thoughts too.
  3. 1. Grenades/ Knife deaths... - I like that your grenades and knife kills mean instant death... I hate the thought of being shot/ killed by someone you just shredded with your 'frag' (pyro) which was so adeptly used at great expense, only for a '10 second patch up' to revive the wounded/ shredded soldier. If you knife someone, they can just walk away back to base with no need to stand there for 3mins in silence. Its a give away they got knifed... (I think asking people whom got fragged or knifed to wait 2 mins at respawn would be great but perhaps overly optimistic!> Grenades and knife kills should mean instant death/ no revive. That is just my opinion anyhow. 2. Windows... - I hated them all being boarded up in the asylum, and love the way they are so open at Anzio, but certain parts of them being boarded up made great atmosphere, and eventually (once the shit rooms have been cleared and the site fully opened), it could be cool to have some of the windows (but not the majority) boarded up... For example, those that would encourage 'gun above head' blind-fire (top of stairwells ex). Or the smaller rooms.. The darkness of the embassy is kind of what makes it my favourite building on the site... Certain bits of the D buildings could have 'restricted' light also, meaning it would encourage sneaky gits! I would hate a whole side of a building to be isolated, and even much of it to be... but there is possibly bits that could be boarded to reduce visibility... Just an idea again, but one that could be cool... 3. Points/ and progressive gaming. I liked that when we held certain positions at the asylum, they scoredevery 'say' 20 minutes, and it encouraged assault of key positions... That's something that would easily work at Anzio 4. This one is a big one... We swapped spawn points at half time... Ever had to fight against the wind all day. It has ruined my game when I had to, and meant a large advantage for the team with the wind at their backs... even without wind, I have played games where we have been isolated at the Magazine and effectively trapped. Spawn points I would like to see are, PUB/ Garage vs D4/ D3, or D2 vs D5... 5.Open-Days... -> I loved all the featured scenarios of the corp-wars/ clan based/ multi objective progressive gaming you do. It may sound silly, but the plot makes the game for me. Why not more on open days... I think from the amount of feedback you have received from hosted events you should have a good idea what us lot love! Perhaps bring it into the open days. 6. Just an idea, but what about objectives that could be on the fly changing... and communicated by marshals live in game... Less stoppages, more orders from the 'generals'... Planning required to work smoothly... I like when there are 'leaders communicating orders and objectives via a base'. Have something akin to this where, Team A has a person (that swaps with every respawn). The intel is passed from the commander. the next person to respawn takes this role and issues the latest objective to the team... ok I'm waffling and don't know where I'm going with this?!?! 7. Safe-zone... The top car park AND the point near the main safe zone is EXCELLENT PLAY ZONE - Is it possible ever to make people park up at the top carpark, and utilize the great playzone of the armoury <-> field section. 8, Safe-zone. I like that eye pro is compulsory in the whole site except inside buildings at Asylum... Make eye - pro compulsory outside of the hangar! 9. Mag's out at end-ex. less errors. Not sure about this one, as I like to 'tune my gun in', It kind of makes it better and wastes less time with noobs pissing about. Annoying when your waiting for your team to stop shooting each other! 10. Searching for idea's... Why not have a pillbox or 2 between medical and garage? that open space is crap. 11. Cutting the hedge back behind Embassy. This could be good or bad. I was just thinking about redefining the corridor on the path?! 12. Doors. Some are broken and need to be permanently open. I hate doors that are jammed shut! Nothing worse than entering a window and having to jump back out as you got stuck. 13. Glass in bunker/ toilets... Put it through it its broken. its too tempting!... Board it up or make it another access point. 14. This is a question... Was D1 better when there was only one stairway up?! I don't think so, but I'm throwing it out there! 15. It there any way to use the centre of the D buildings better, as they are not used at all really. Mainly because they are open from all sides... Perhaps back to the point earlier... If the central windows were boarded up, the middle zone would be 'safe' and could be very useful for getting from diagonal points... possibly board the top windows facing inwards (or some of them (like all but the corner ones?!) and board the same below, making a transit point from door entry via stairs to opposite corner?! 16. Hows about teams putting their radio frequency on a board at base, and working together... encourage co-op. Its all about the getting into role! Get coms working for those who use it. 'Recruits' can be guided by veterans, and even we can relay info. 17. Following on from 16. At base, have names/ callsigns for individual players and teams, and even little squads operating... this steals from the commander idea, whom can relay and co-ordinate teams positions from a base hub...
  4. I recently attended 'The Asylum, Kidderminster' and although it was an excellent day, it did not compare to Anzio. There were however, a few things I liked about their set-up, and I wondered if we could all suggest some idea's or opinions on how Anzio could get even better. Why not improve what is already the best site I know. Hopefully, the Marshals/ Jamie may consider some of our thoughts...
  5. First time visits for anzio regulars. Please book in... Mark Muskett Scott Harrison Matt Chetwood Andy Liliston Carl Liever All own kit meat eaters.
  6. 1st and 2nd September. Team England G36 hi cap magazine.
  7. I should be in red. Do i need to show.
  8. Uk survivors - Mark Muskett - PAID!! Both Days
  9. Im the guy that took the remote detonation it the firing range. That was so Damn surprising! My foot was beside it. Crapped myself. I had been trying to light a pyro to throw over, but it seems me and them don't get along. . That unicycle was hilarious. Some great play and as always, some real sportsmanship.
  10. Mark Muskett - muskett00 - Meat - UK Survivors Paid £80 via paypal - Will arrive each morning.
  11. I won't be able to play unless I can pay by Mastercard... any ideas? 07760661516