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  1. dave gawne harrison gawne own kit 3rd march
  2. dave gawne harrison gawne cheers
  3. david gawne harrison gawne own kit
  4. dave gawne harrison gawne cheers
  5. dave g sarah g harrison g all own kit
  6. yes as long as its less than 400 fps on 0.2s 60 ft engagement range
  7. ive been flanked from behind by flacid a fair few times ..........erm never mind belter of a day will be frequenting soon for more of the same
  8. Who are these wildcats sound a right bunch of ........
  9. great day bongo always a good laugh and great games at wrexham had a ace day myself on the yellow team with my fellow chums this was made so buy great hit taking and play by the reds who did themselves proud see you feb hopefully epic
  10. hi martin require some tracer bbs .2s or .25s have you any in for sat at bolton?
  11. Dave G Own kit (deposit paid) Cheers
  12. First class play from both sides made a great day for me Clear concise brief from bongo made for a good start The warm up game was fun if a little slow but that was down to me chillen at hamburger which was warmed up nicely by reds at the bottom of hamburger trying to burn us out Feel sorry for the noob getting stuck trying to get across the river and having to call for a Marshall for help ....priceless (big smiley face wink ) The mornings play after played nicely with some nice attacking of ridge base and defending of Vera The afternoon scenario I thought at first would be a nightmare but eventually turned out to be one big epic battle And to top the day my new gun shone like a happy beacon of sonic pleasure Well done Bongo and every Marshall and players alike for making the day what it was Look forward to the next adventure Epic Dave
  13. Build a bridge ehhhh??? If needed I am willing to piggy back anyone over the shin high muddy bits In return for two double deckers or at a push starbars Bloody wet fairies ( big smiley face )
  14. Bang bang cock shot It's the future of airsoft Anyway got stuck in today any had a god laugh god knows why I said bang at Ben at sandbags then promptly shot him in the jewels too much deet perhaps Just had a massive cramp attack in the legs so gonna smash some beers in and relive that Cock Shot See ya in two weeks Love Epic