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  1. Date and type of the event: June 9th Members Day/Black Ops Brief description. 1x Classic Army M4/M16 Midcap Mag More detailed Description: Grey with black magpul Last Seen: Unsure, only noticed that I was one short at the end of the night game, but could have been lost from my dump pouch at any point during the day or evening games...
  2. I thought that the op was great (Charlie Squad, Bongo's team). Even though our squad wasn't inside bunker for the assault, it was good to know that we were in a prime position to cover the guys in Bunker if the DEA had made a move, assuming that they hadn't clocked our location (and even if we didn't know they existed until the debrief...) It was good to hear that the raid went off as intended, but it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if the DEA had made a move... Definitely up for more ops like this!