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  1. Here's my footage from Saturday 28/02/15 game while on our travels from Norfolk. Had a top day thanks to all.
  2. Hello there. It's that time of year again. Who deals with membership these days. I need to renew by 5th May and won't be at a F&O site before then, and not sure who wants my £10 this year. Still alright via PayPal? Cheers.
  3. Hello. My membership has now expired. Is there a delay on the database?
  4. Ah, brilliant. Never got that one. Many thanks for sorting it Mr Jimjogg.
  5. Hello. I know Jamie is a busy man, but not had confirmation as to whether everything went through OK. I sent my payment on 13/04/13 via a PayPal Gift, but on the UKARA player self check it still says I'm due to expire on 9/05/13. Does the database take some time to update? Cheers.
  6. Did you pay by debit/credit card? If so maybe check old bank statements for payments to F&O.
  7. Something that supports your ankle is always good too.
  8. Wow busy man, maybe you should take up a less time consuming hobby, Do you want to take up Airsoft or just buy a RIF for the occasional armed robbery? Quoted from UKARA Website: The games site has to record you as a member and preferably issue you with a membership card. To qualify as an "airsoft skirmisher" you must be a regular player at that game site, having attended 3 games in a period which exceeds 2 months. Identification will also be required, such as passport and drivers license.
  9. If they are keen, and you have a large private garden, it maybe worth getting them a couple of cheap springer pistols to teach them gun etiquette and safety and a little target practice until they reach 13.
  10. Got team killed about 5 times. Door ways were clogged up with people trying to enter buildings at times. Loads of dead men walking everywhere. Everything else was fine, just to many people for my liking. I prefer smaller numbered teams.
  11. Hello, welcome .............. lol. Nice armoury you have Sorry for taking the p155 out of all your
  12. Airsoft World Firesupport Ltd. Ironfoot Industries RedWolf Airsoft (UK) Ltd Wholesale Wolf Armouries Airsoft UK Ltd Zeroone Airsoft First and Only Retail J.D. Airsoft Ltd Patrol Base Land Warrior Airsoft Are a few I've bought from with no issues.
  13. Buy a nice pair of Magnum Boots, some camo trousers & top of your choosing from a local surplus store for appx £50-£70. While you do your 3 games over 2 months, speak to people on site, we're usually friendly people, and we may let you hold our weapons. (oh-eh)
  14. Hi

    Hello PrawnSniper. You'b be best to hire an AEG for a few times until you can get yourself some moneys together to buy something decent. Who know's you may go twice and hate it. (Doubtful though) What's hire these days? £15? I'd rather hire 4 times than buy a £60 piece of rubbish, that probably wouldn't last 4 skirmishes. Hire x3 -> Get addicted-> Spend thousands.
  15. In my experience, all the G&G's/Toptechs I've owned come out of the box firing hot. So expect a spring change if you buy one.
  16. Having recently watched the series due to the talk on here and absolutley loved it, i'm well up for some Firefly action.
  17. W*****s. I was telling a group of lads at my local site that F&O had acquired this amazing prison site.
  18. Whats the post code there? I want to look from space.
  19. Looks awesome. With each new site that opens, you're getting closer to Norfolk.
  20. Have a read...
  21. Hello. My membership will be due for renewal in March/April time. I paid via Paypal last time. Thing is I've forgoten the exact date it expires. Will I get a reminder letter in the post or an email. Cheers.
  22. Bloody 'ell. That's good news. I'd upgrade today if you get some sites in East Anglia, but I don't think I'd get the benefit out of an upgrade. As I can't get to sites as much as I'd like to. [/Dream]... If only an Anzio equivalent in Norfolk.[Dream] When the time does come, will I just have to send a payment before the 25th May and then it automaticly carries on for another year?
  23. Can you put down "46. Gary Wright" for the vegetarian option please.
  24. Hello. Will be coming up on 18th Sept. Will there be anybody there that can sort out UKARA application for me? If so do I need to bring anything? ID etc? Many thanks.